Prompt Diagnostics and Rapid Response Through Remote Support Services

02 March, 2021

Not so long ago, one of our customers was facing an issue with the GC-ECD (Gas Chromatography – Electron Capture Detector), a crucial component in analytical laboratories. The system clearly needed an engineer’s eye to be fixed.

The standard diagnostic procedure required them to raise a complaint after which on-field support would be assigned to them in 24-48 hours. The engineer would then diagnose, and fix the problem. This means that the analytical system would be dysfunctional for 2-3 days.

However, as a Gulf Bio Analytical (GBA) customer, they had a better way to approach the problem. They contacted our Remote Diagnostic support staff and shared the issue they were facing. Since it was a technical problem, they were immediately assigned to a remote engineer who then guided them through the process.

The engineer instructed the customer to change liner and septa and then put the ECD on a bakeout at 330 for 2 hours and increase makeup flow to 70-80. By performing this, the system resumed its functioning which we confirmed on a follow-up call. To ensure that the issue doesn’t arise again, we also suggested them to administer 5 to 10 injections of n-hexane (2-5 microliter) for detector cleansing. 

Sounds complicated, right? As a matter of fact, it is not. Since the customer had a remote technician guiding them, they were able to carry out the above solution without any hassles. Not just that, this reduced the turnaround time (TAT) for the issue from 2-3 days to merely a few hours.

In our >20 years of experience working in the field of analytical laboratory solutions, we’ve realized that a lot of issues that arise on-field, can be dealt with little supervision if identified correctly.

That’s why we at GBA, provide Remote Diagnostic Services, for both technical and non-technical issues. We’ve put our best engineers in the remote team who’re able to gauge the issue accurately and provide adequate support without any in-person visits, and almost instantly.

About Remote Diagnostic Support

Wikipedia defines Remote Diagnostic as, “the act of diagnosing a given symptom, issue or problem from a distance”. You could call it a crisp version of the Remote Diagnostic Support that we provide at GBA. However, there are several nuances involved in the process.

Here’s how our Remote Diagnostic Support works:

  • Step 1: Request Raised - You contact us on one of our many service support communication channels provided. We’ve got live chat support that you can use. If you mean to talk to us, you can connect with our call center or ring up our toll-free numbers. Once you share your issue, we’ve set up a system to qualify your concern as a technical problem or otherwise. Accordingly, you are assigned remote help.
  • Step 2: Remote Diagnosis - Your call is transferred to an expert relevant to your issue, who then tries to understand the problem in detail. Once they have a clear overview of the challenge at hand, they attempt remote resolution through a guided experience. They direct you to take the required steps that can help you fix the problem on your own.
  • Step 3: On-site Intervention - If the technician finds that your issue requires an on-site visit for resolution, they inform you about the service required and send in a quotation based on the next steps you plan to take. Once you’re on board with the intervention, an engineer is assigned to your laboratory, with the diagnosis and the required parts for immediate resolution (since they already know your issue well).
  • Step 4: Issue Resolved - Our end goal, with or without step 3, is to resolve your issue at the earliest. While we try our level best to provide remote support wherever possible, we are also prepared to get our hands dirty on-site to fix the issue, if required.

Beyond Remote Diagnostic Support

All said and done, we cannot deny the fact that not every issue can be taken care of remotely. Sometimes there are parts that need replacement and bugs that need in-person attention to fix. In such cases, we extend our services to help you not only resolve the issue at hand but also to ensure that you have our support in the longer term.

In the crescendo of your “Peace of Mind”, we have the following options. You can consider the one that fits your requirement.

  • Per Incidence Support (PIS)
    All-inclusive support from inspection and testing to repair and resolution for both hardware and software. This service includes all aid required to fix the incident in question, including software and hardware upgrades.
  • Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)
    A year-long contract that includes preventive maintenance visit, breakdown visit for hardware troubleshooting and repair, telephonic diagnostic, and support for resolving software and hardware problems online. AMC not only helps you fix the current incident but also keeps you covered for all future issues that may arise.
  • Comprehensive Maintenance Contract (CMC)
    The most inclusive option of all, CMC offers preventive maintenance for your equipment but also includes all repair, updates, and spare parts provisions. It is one contract that will you complete peace of mind when it comes to laboratory solutions.

To Sum Up

Gulf Bio Analytical brings to you remote technical support where you can access trained engineers within minutes over call or chat. We’re around to help sought your issues as rapidly and promptly as we can through our remote diagnosis.

Would you like to know more about our remote diagnostic support and how we can assist you? Send a mail at and we can take it from there.