No More Surprises: How Performance Verification Ensures Productivity and Reliability of Your Equipment

08 December, 2020

In the business world, we’re always prepared for unwanted surprises, unexpected chaos, and unprecedented challenges. After all, we’re trained to expect the unexpected. That being said, a good business sense also means to reduce risks and uncertainties and avoid such surprises and chaos.

Similarly, when it comes to laboratory equipment, it’s always better to keep a check on its functioning than to suddenly realize that it’s not delivering upon the process requirements, standards, and regulations.

Now you’d be thinking that you check on the performance of the equipment on purchase. After all, you buy it only when it matches your requirements, right? However, can you guarantee that the performance is maintained over time?

This is where performance verification comes into play. To ensure that each instrument delivers on its intended use at all times, you regularly need to keep a tab on its functioning.

Performance verification is the practice of checking the fitness of your instrument to demonstrate that an instrument consistently performs according to the specifications defined by you. Here’s why it can make a difference in your business.

Why You Need Performance Verification

With each up-to-date verification, you get a certificate claiming that your instrument delivers on all compliance and inspection standards and that’s crucial in maintaining trust in your business and more importantly in meeting audit expectations. However, there are several reasons that performance verification can aid your business.

1. Result accuracy

Performance verification ensures the accuracy, precision, and reproducibility of the instrument as it allows you to not only find out whether the performance is at par with the expectations but also helps in finding out ways to reach the expected accuracy.

2. Assured compliance environment

All verification is conducted keeping in mind the equipment’s compliance with process and regulatory conditions. This makes you more confident about your analytical results and also gets you closer to the registration process.

3. Increased productivity

With a consistently accurate performing verified instrument that delivers accurate results, your productivity gets a boost. There are fewer chances that the performance of any laboratory equipment drifting due to day-to-day operations.

4. Audit requirements

Your performance verification certificate acts as great proof to declare that your instruments match audit requirements and are fit to deliver as per the required regulatory standards.

How We Do It At Gulf Bio Analytical

We, at Gulf Bio Analytical, provide comprehensive Calibration and Performance Verification Services, matching several international standards, depending on your area of operation. Here’s how we approach performance verification.

Benchmarking: We do performance verification using calibrated devices which are ISO 17025 certified. So, we check your instrument at its peak performance parameters to ensure that it delivers on benchmarked standards.

Comprehensive check: We go beyond regular measurements (temperature, pressure, flow, etc.) and ensure that the complete performance of an instrument is verified. We aim to map performance to the process, so our verification is more end-to-end and in-depth, and not superficial.

Expertise: We have experienced and factory-trained engineers on the team to execute the job who conform to set norms while conducting every performance verification. Being an ISO 9001 certified organization, all our verification norms match compliance standards and regulatory standards.

Credibility: To further add value and credibility to the process, we provide our users with the certificate reassuring the performance standards of the equipment and documenting its quality, efficiency, and productivity..

In the End

All said and done, performance verification can allow you to comply with your process requirements and adhere to regulatory standards. More importantly, it can prevent costly rework or loss of production batches.

Are you interested in getting performance verification for your laboratory equipment? We can help. Simply drop a mail at sharing your requirements and we’d contact you at the earliest.