Get maximum from your old Gas Chromatography system

Agilent Intelligent Gas Chromatography (GC) systems provide proven reliability, high sample throughput, and Instrument Intelligence. They deliver high analytical performance with instrument intelligence predictive technologies to avoid problems before performance is effected.

Your lab's efficiency can be a competitive advantage and new technologies are available to boost productivity in virtually all aspects of your lab operations. Keeping your lab operating at the highest operational efficiency starts with accessing the latest technologies.

GC Replacement Program
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Perform your old GC replacement in simple three steps

Step 1: Identify your old GC system that you are no longer using or wanted to dispose off

Step 2: Select smart GC Analyzer from GBA product line-up or in case any special requirement, please drop your Wishlist email to contact us

Step 3: GBA team will arrange a technical discussion and provide you comprehensive offer including new software and Analyzer


Ready to go Validated Methods as per your lab requirement

Optimized methods as per ASTM, GPA, ISO, UOP and other regulatory compliance

GC Replacement Program

Take your GC with you, Browser Interface

8890 browser interface with remote connectivity allows you to monitor your GC system, check system logs and perform diagnostic tests outside of the laboratory

GC Replacement Program

Traceability with Smart Key Columns

The highly efficient and rigorous packing technology used in Agilent J&W Packed & Capillary GC columns assures column-to-column reproducibility and ultimate efficiency with smart key technology

GC Replacement Program

Open LAB CDS Software

Industry-leading latest 8890GC hardware also comes with the next generation of software 'OpenLAB-CDS' ready to run on Windows10 operating system. It has built-in 'Intelligent Reporter' to custom calculate formulas, thereby eliminating the need to export data to an excel sheet.

OpenLAB CDS software complies to achieve data integrity, safety & securities. It does reduce the cost of ownership, improve productivity and scales up to meet future growth.

GC Replacement Program
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