The Multi-Functional Pyrolysis System from Frontier Lab consists of Multi-Shot Pyrolyzer and its accessory devices and helps perform rapid characterization of polymeric materials in detail.

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Highlight of the Product Offering

Multi-Shot Pyrolyzer (EGA/PY-3030D)

High-end model of the "Multi-functional Pyrolyzer" series with high performance and ease of use

Multi-Shot pyrolyzer (EGA / PY-3030D) is the most capable model in the Multi-functional Pyrolyzer series. This product features high performance and ease of use, from the basic performance of the heating furnace to the details of the control software.
By combining with optional accessory devices such as automatic analyzer (Auto-Shot Sampler), MicroJet Cryo-trap, Selective Sampler, Carrier Gas Selector, so on, the product supports a wide variety of applications. In addition, these operations can be automated, greatly enhancing productivity.


ProductsSingle-Shot Pyrolyzer (PY-3030S)

An ideal model for basic polymer research as well as quality control of polymeric products

Single-Shot Pyrolyzer PY-3030S is a pyrolyzer specially designed for flash pyrolysis.


Auto-Shot Sampler (AS-2020E)

A powerful tool for continuous polymer analysis with great cost savings and high reliability. Designed for the Multi-functional Pyrolyzers.

The Auto-Shot sampler automates a continuous analysis of up to 48 samples. Operations can be made continuously or randomly using various analysis modes such as Single-shot analysis, Double-shot analysis, Evolved gas analysis, and Heart-cut EGA analysis. In addition, the system operation combined with optional accessories such as MicroJet Cryo-trap, Selective Sampler, and Carrier Gas Selector can be automated, further saving labor and improving reliability.


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