Natural Gas Analyzers

Natural gas is a bulk commodity with price based on its energy content. Natural gas is widely used as an energy source for heating, power generation, petrochemical feed and as an engine fuel. 

Natural gas mixture consists primarily methane, however hydrocarbon ranges can be extended upto C14 and other components can be oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, helium and sulfur.

Agilent 8890 GC
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GBA Analyzer Solutions

  • A complete range of natural gas analyzer (NGA) solutions
  • NGA solutions are pre-configured, tuned and tested
  • Flexibility to analyze natural gas, liquefied or natural gas liquids
  • Flexibility to analyze extended hydrocarbons
  • Additional channel to analyze trace sulfur components
  • Can be customized for Helium and Hydrogen in additional TCD channel
  • Can be customized to analyze trace CO and CO2 in methans rich gas
  • Fully automated and easy to operate
  • Operational parameters are fully documented, factory tuned and preset
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Method Compliance

  • ASTM D1945
  • ASTM D2163
  • GPA2261
  • GPA2286
  • ISO6974
  • ASTM D5504
  • ASTM D6228

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