Trace Impurities Gas Analyzers - TIGA

Analysis of non-condensable and light hydrocarbon gases in C2, C3, C4 hydrocarbon products by GC. Determination of sub ppm levels of non-condensable and light hydrocarbon impurities in polymer grade ethylene and propylene is important in the production of polymers.

Gulf Bio Analytical’s TIGA configured with FID/PDHID is a turnkey solution for the complete trace analysis of light hydrocarbons C1-C7, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and methane components in various hydrocarbon matrices.

Agilent 8890 GC
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GBA Analyzer Solutions

  • Optimal solution covers both non-condensable and light hydrocarbon impurities for complex hydrocarbon matrices
  • Fully automated and easy to operate
  • Operational parameters are fully documented, factory tuned and preset
  • Flexible sample introduction - gas and pressurized liquids with gasifier
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Method Compliance

  • ASTM D2504
  • ASTM D2505
  • ASTM D8098
  • ASTM D2712
  • ASTM D6159

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