MOSH – MOAH Analysis using automated and modular Gerstel automation with Agilent HPLC coupled with Agilent GC with dual FIDs.

Contamination of food items, cosmetic products with the packing paper ink poses a public health hazard. Many a times this is called as food or cosmetics product with oil in it. MOAH is associated with cancer whereas the MOSH is associated with the liver damage and therefore a very careful analysis of consumer goods for MOSH-MOAH is required.

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Working Principles of Gerstel and Agilent Automation:

In the initial LC step, mineral oil residue is separated into two fractions: Mineral oil saturated hydrocarbons (MOSH) and mineral oil aromatic hydrocarbons (MOAH). These fractions are subsequently transferred to two separate GC columns for individual analysis in a combined dual channel GC system. The solution meets the requirements of the DIN EN 16995:2017-08 Standard. The dual channel GC separation with FID detection enables a complete MOSH/MOAH analysis in only 30 minutes.

The MOSH and MOAH fractions are separated on an HPLC column, which retains triglycerides. During the subsequent GC run, HPLC column is backflushed to remove these triglycerides. When the GC is ready, the HPLC column is clean and ready for the next sample.


  • Epoxidation to remove interfering naturally occurring olefins
  • ALOX Clean-up to retain and remove long chain n-alkanes of plant origin
  • Determination of MOSH and MOAH in 30 minutes
  • Early vapour exit allowing excess HPLC eluent to be removed from the MOSH and MOAH fractions before they are transferred to their respective GC separation columns highlights
  • Specially developed MOSH/MOAH data analysis software that has specially developed algorithms for hump- and peak detection to ensure fast and efficient data processing
  • Unique transverse mounting of GC columns enables easy access and simplified maintenance
  • Upgrade to include the automated epoxidation and / or ALOX clean-up is possible at any time.
  • Reports customization

Applicable Markets:

Private testing labs for foodGovernment testing labs for food
Consumers goods manufacturersResearch and Development labs

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