Helium Conservation Module

Do not worry about the Short Supply/Increased Price of Helium!

Helium is the well-known carrier gas for the Gas Chromatography. Recently, the global Helium shortage has reduced the availability and increased the cost of Helium gas, risking the day-to-day operations of labs that depend on gas chromatography.

Agilent’s Programmable Helium Conservation Module works with the gas saver functions of Agilent based GC, GC/MS, and GC/MS/MS systems.

Helium Conservation Module
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How to use Helium in smarter way?

Answer is to use Agilent’s Programmable Helium Conservation Module. It helps your lab avoid the high costs and productivity pitfalls associated with changing to an alternate carrier gas. Built around Agilent’s Aux Electronic Pneumatic Control (EPC) flow control, the module bridges two EPC channels to deliver a single carrier gas flow to the GC. This allows you to use Helium for your GC runs and switch to an alternate gas (such as nitrogen) when your GC is idle. A third EPC channel serves as a purged vent to prevent cross-contamination of gases. In addition, the module is fully programmable using the sleep/wake functions of the OpenLAB CDS system control software.

Source: Agilent


  • Less workflow disruption: The Helium Conservation Module extends the life of Helium tanks by up to 30 times, reducing the frequency of replacement – and the risk of missed deliveries
  • Seamless integration: Carrier gas ID and set points are part of your analytical method for easy compliance and transfer
  • Greater reliability: The GC alerts you if system set points are not reached
  • Rapid transition: Switch from Nitrogen standby to Helium carrier is 15-30 minutes, depending on the GC detector
  • Safe operation: Hydrogen carrier users can switch to Nitrogen during system standby
  • Better analytical precision: The module acts as an intermediate pressure regulator from the tank to the inlet EPC
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