Increase your Lab productivity with Our Expert

 1st - 30th June, 2022  Saudi Arabia

Winning together as we bring new technologies to customers doorstep, improving lab productivity. We will have experts on “Agilent, LabTech, SPEX, Pol-Eko, SUEZ and Metrohm” attending the series of events. Contact us if you wish to have such an event on your premises or in the vicinity.


Metrohm wins SelectScience Scientist' Choice Awards 2022

06 July, 2022

Metrohm was declared the winners of the Scientist's Choice Award 2022 for Analytical Application eBook by SelectScience. This e-book shows IC applications for the analysis of food and beverages.

All-in-One Comprehensive Maintenance Contract

05 July, 2022

Introducing our Comprehensive Maintenance Contract (CMC) that not only offers preventive maintenance for your equipment but also includes all repair, updates and spare part provisions.

The Market Leader Reinventing GC/MS - Discover the Possibilities with MS Intelligence

04 July, 2022

Meet the new Agilent GC/MS systems. They are designed to provide robust, day-in, day-out performance so you can focus on what matters.

Stepping Up Your Game: Hardware and Software Upgrades For Your Analytical Labs

29 June, 2022

We at GBA, through our comprehensive hardware and software upgrade services, we not only upgrade systems, but also migrate all data to the new software and build a bridge with the rest of the IT setup.

Multichannel Bipotentiostat and Galvanostat - μStat-i MultiX

28 June, 2022

The μStat-i MultiX is a multi-user experience of efficiency, versatility, and reliability. Become flexible, free, and advanced, by choosing the right configuration, working remotely, and supporting your work with DropView 8400M software.

One-Stop Multi-Vendor Support For All Laboratory Solutions

27 June, 2022

We at GBA, provide comprehensive, cost-effective, and efficient multi-vendor operations and maintenance support for all analytical laboratories.

Analysis of Dimethyl Ether Impurity in Refinery Gas Samples

24 June, 2022

GBA PRO RGA with DME analyzer is dedicated to the analysis of Hydrogen, Permanent Gases, Dimethyl ether and Light Hydrocarbons composition in Refinery Gas, Process Gas and similar gas streams.

Agilent Carbon S sample preparation products

22 June, 2022

Agilent Carbon S sample preparation products offer excellent removal of pigments and improved recoveries, especially for planar pesticides with a simplified workflow.

  • Agilent LC Columns

    Agilent LC Columns

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  • Agilent Gas Clean Filter System

    Change your saturated Gas Clean Filter System

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  • PMKit_Website_HomePage

    Offers on the Purchase of PM Kits

    Buy PM Kit for LC/LCMS , GC/GCMS , AAS or ICPMS and get of consumables worth AED 1,000 or more from GBA.*

    * Order Value should be minimum AED 10,000 or Equivalent


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