Learn how to Brew your own Liquid Nitrogen

 2nd Dec, 2020  16:30 – 17:30 GST  At Your Desk: GoToWebinar Platform

In the webinar, we along with our partner LabTech will demonstrate how you can brew your own Liquid Nitrogen anywhere anytime.

Strategies for Thermal and Rheological/Mechanical Characterization of Polymers and Petrochemical products

 8th December, 2020  13:30 – 15:00 AST  At Your Desk: GoToWebinar Platform

Attend this Webinar to explore different Innovative techniques from TA Instruments for Plastics, thermoplastic polymers, resins, paints, rubbers, insulating materials, thermal properties, rheology, mechanical properties, processing.


How to achieve a better, smarter, faster GC Analysis using new technologies

01 October, 2020

Gas Chromatography has been around for more than 60 years.

Some of us who are working in the lab for long time, feel that corporates are pushing unnecessarily new technologies for their own interests, and we can probably continue to work using old, obsolete systems without spending to upgrade them.

This approach is only beneficial for a short time. 


Katanax FluxPencer

11 November, 2020

A unique and first in the world automatic sample dispenser to your weighting balance. The FluxPenser can dispense granular or micro bead flux for optimal flexibility.

Yakos65 and GBA Group join hands

14 October, 2020

We are pleased to announce our Channel Partner Agreement with Yakos65, representing their complete range of product line in the Middle East and India for sales, aftermarket consumables and technical and application support.

Skalar - BluVision Analyzer

02 September, 2020

BluVision Discrete Analyzer for all your Water Applications. Ideal solution for high throughput samples with wide range of parameters.

2020 update on UOP938 - Mercury in Liquid Hydrocarbons

18 August, 2020

Trade-in your NIC SP-3D Mercury Analyzer for a brand-new MA-3 Solo.

SAN++ Continuous Flow Analyzer

13 August, 2020

Complex wet chemistry analysis made easy - SAN++ Continuous Flow Analyzer for your Laboratory.

ASTM D8267 Officially Included in Jet Fuel Specification ASTM D1655 as an Alternative to ASTM D1319

13 July, 2020

ASTM D8267 (GC-VUV) has officially been published as an alternative method to ASTM D1319 in the most recent version of the Jet Fuel Specification ASTM D1655–20.

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