NIR Spectroscopy for polymers

 01st December, 2022  18:00 – 19:00 AST  At Your Desk

In the upcoming webinar, Maria Angeles Cartes Dominguez and Wim Guns, from Metrohm, will present an alternative method for routine QC and screening of polymers.

Production of High-Performance Cement at Lowest Costs enabled by Latest Analytical Technology

 14th December, 2022  12:00 - 13:00 GST  At Your Desk

In this live seminar, Bruker experts will explain what XRF and XRD can do for you! In the live-from-the-lab sessions, Bruker team will show how to operate our spectrometers and provide valuable tips and tricks regarding sample preparation and handling.


Agilent New 6475 Triple Quadrupole LC/MS: Unbelievably Powerful, Remarkably Intelligent

29 November, 2022

The 6475 Triple Quadrupole combined with 1290 Infinity II LC is a robust LC/MS/MS system for routine analysis.

All-in-One Comprehensive Maintenance Contract

28 November, 2022

Introducing our Comprehensive Maintenance Contract (CMC) that not only offers preventive maintenance for your equipment but also includes all repair, updates and spare part provisions.

LNI Gas Generator - Revolution in Gas Generator systems

25 November, 2022

LNI supply premium gas generators for specific analytical, laser, industrial and environmental needs: Hydrogen, Zero Air, Nitrogen and combined gas generators. They offer continuous and on-demand source of Hydrogen, Zero Air or Nitrogen to the application.

Analysis of Total Sulfur and Nitrogen in Biodiesel by UV fluorescence Technique

23 November, 2022

The Xplorer-V(NS) Vertical instrument enables the analysis of an even broader scope of sample matrices due to a new furnace design and sample injection technology.

It's Here: A Brand New Gulf Bio Analytical Instrument and Systems Catalogue!

18 November, 2022

We are pleased to present the 2022-2023 Edition of the Gulf Bio Analytical Group Instrument and Systems Catalogue. It's more than a collection of Instruments and their details

A Closed-Cup Pensky – Marten test to determine the Flash point of Petroleum products

17 November, 2022

The K71000 Automatic PMCC Flash Point Analyser is a perfect union of next-generation technology with traditional robust quality for determination of flash point of Petroleum products.

Hydrogen Fuel Quality Control Analysis

16 November, 2022

Be smart, use methods to save fuel

Hydrogen quality is vital for the performance and lifetime of hydrogen fuel cells. There are many critical contaminants causing potential issues, including performance reduction, degradation of the proton exchange membrane, or damage to the catalyst.

It's Here: A Brand New Gulf Bio Analytical Catalogue For Consumables!

15 November, 2022

We are glad to present the latest version of Gulf Bio Analytical Consumables & Small Equipment Catalogue. This new version enables you to find all your required products for routine or unique applications, of reputed manufacturer from a single source.

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