Accurately determine nutrients and disinfection byproduct in potable water using Ion chromatography

 5th December, 2023  04:00 – 05:30 GST  Online - GoTo Webinar

Key learnings:

  • Comply with the regulations for water analysis like EPA 300.1, GSO & SASO. 
  • Determining Anions & Oxyhalides at low level using Metrohm sequential suppressor. 
  • IC Automation features and benefits for sample preparation. 
  • IC applications and offerings for water analysis. 
  • Titration applications on OMNIS system for parallel analysis. 
  • Introducing TitrIC as one system to perform IC and Titration applications.

Improving GC×GC workflows for petrochemical analyses

 20th December, 2023  15:00 – 16:00 GST  Online - GoTo Webinar

Key Learnings

  • Learn the basics of GC×GC and what it offers over and above standard GC
  • Hear about the latest advances in both flow and thermal modulation.
  • Find out how automated software workflows can speed up data processing.
  • Explore the latest GC×GC applications including the analysis of sustainable aviation fuels, pyrolysis oils, and much more.

Medlab Middle East

 February 5th - 8th 2024   10:00 – 18:00 GST  Dubai - UAE

Powering medical laboratory growth in the Middle East and beyond Global reach, local focus: The hub for industry professionals where challenges are addressed, tailored solutions and strategies are offered to encourage more opportunities in medical laboratories contributing to the overall healthcare growth


GBA | E-Shop Is Live Now

31 October, 2023

RA-7000A CVAAS Mercury Analyzer With Seamless Automation

29 November, 2023

RA-7000A is a Discrete Direct Purge-Reducing Vaporization Mercury Analyzer that reduces mercury into elemental form and automates the aeration of elemental mercury from solution, performing measurement using a Cold Vapor Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (CVAAS, also known as flameless AAS).

TacticID Raman spectrometers for identification of unknowns in safety and security

27 November, 2023

The Metrohm TacticID®-1064 is a field-ready, handheld Raman Spectrometer designed for fast and accurate non-contact screening by security staff and emergency services (e.g. law enforcement personnel, customs and border guards, as well as bomb disposal squads).

Choose From a Variety of Cost-Effective Solutions

24 November, 2023

Discover the exceptional value and performance of Agilent's ValueLab filter and collection plates. Engineered to meet the demands of a diverse range of applications, our products offer unparalleled versatility without compromising your budget.

VIONIC a new generation potentiostat/galvanostat powered by INTELLO Software

23 November, 2023

VIONIC powered by INTELLO is the new generation instrument created by electrochemical instrumentation innovators Metrohm Autolab. Offering a compact footprint and a sleek and futuristic design never before seen in this category, the VIONIC instrument boasts cutting edge electronics and unique features that improve lab efficiency and safety. The INTELLO software continues Autolab’s reputation as creators of powerful software that understands the objective of today’s researchers – maximum possibilities, pure discovery.

EMP-3 Portable Mercury Survey Meter

22 November, 2023

EMP-3 is our 3rd generation of Field-Portable Mercury Survey Meter that is designed for on-site measurement of gaseous elemental mercury (GEM) in workplace ambient air for occupational safety, health, and hygiene.

Alto: The Label-Free Solution for Biologics Research

20 November, 2023

Nicoya Alto’s compatibility with automation for both hardware and software provide sample-in/answer-out data, industry leading throughput, and 24/7 runtime. Every aspect of Alto is designed with user-friendliness and accessibility in mind - from the flexible 16 channel design to the intuitive data analysis platform.

Use Agilent syringeless filters to directly filter your LC/GC samples

16 November, 2023

Agilent Captiva filter vials replace the combination of syringe filters, syringes, autosampler vials, septa, and caps with a single unit for a faster and more convenient workflow.

KRUSS Polarimeters and Flame Photometers

13 November, 2023

Explore into our diverse portfolio of innovative products meticulously designed to effortlessly address the evolving demands of quality assurance. Transform your daily workflow with our intuitive and trendsetting measuring and analysis technology.

Unearth Success: Bruker's XRF & XRD Solutions for Mineral Analysis!

08 November, 2023

Bruker revolutionizes mining with end-to-end solutions, addressing exploration, processing, and environmental concerns. Our advanced instrumentation delivers reliable data, empowering operators to thrive in sustainable, low-grade ore scenarios, reshaping industry workflows.

More Chemistries, More Choices for Solving Your Toughest Separation Challenges

02 November, 2023

Gulf Bio Analytical created a portfolio of widest range of Agilent LC columns & supplies. Columns are available in many different stationary phases to be used in UHPLC as well as HPLC and deliver exceptional performance together with outstanding lifetime and robustness.

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    Offers on the Purchase of PM Kits

    Buy PM Kit for LC/LCMS , GC/GCMS , AAS or ICPMS and get of consumables worth AED 1,000 or more from GBA.*

    * Order Value should be minimum AED 10,000 or Equivalent


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