GBA Advanced GC Analyzers

The GBA GC-Analyzer Valve System is designed to customize the configuration and development of custom valved systems with excellent repeatability and reproducibility performance. It can accommodate six valves with four detectors; options would be covered for most of the complex gas sample analysis through Agilent GC-Analyzer. Front View architecture which provides an easy to access valve box with installed components and the upgrade is possible in existing Agilent GC for the additional method development in the field.

GBA GC Analyzer Valve Box System
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Highlight of the Product Offering

The new GBA Valve Box is a tested and reliable GC analyzer accessory for the refinery ,R&D ,Academia and testing laboratory with Agilent Platform GC.

  • Valve box solution with six valves and actuators.
  • Four detectors’ options are possible in the GBA Valve Box.
  • Separate Programmable Oven option for Molsieve Column
  • Existing system upgrade
  • Add on application is possible
  • Front View architecture which provides easy access to installed components
  • Micropacked columns application is suitable in valve box.
  • Fully inert capabilities solution.


Application supported with new valve box

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