Elevate Your ICP Analysis Workflow with Agilent's Integrated Automation Solution

Looking to maximize the efficiency of your ICP analysis workflow? While automation can undoubtedly boost productivity, integrating third-party accessories often introduces complexities that can hinder rather than help. That's where Agilent steps in with a game-changing solution.

Agilent's Integrated ICP Workflow Automation System:

Agilent offers the only fully integrated ICP workflow automation system, encompassing hardware, software, and comprehensive support.

Agilent 7850 ICP-MS Automation System
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  • Agilent’s smart ICP-MS instruments are simple to setup and offer fast, streamlined analysis with great results from even the most demanding applications
  • SPS 4 autosampler automates sample presentation for unattended analysis and is designed to meet the needs of high-throughput labs requiring a fast, high-capacity autosampler
  • Advanced Valve System (AVS MS) doubles the number of samples that can be measured in a day and reduces maintenance frequency
  • Advanced Dilution System (ADS 2) automates standard preparation and pre-run sample dilutions. Post-run dilution sample dilutions are eliminated via reactive dilutions during the analysis
  • Agilent ICP-MS Automation Systems include the SPS 4, AVS MS, and ADS 2 under a single part number, including ICP-MS instrument, ensuring a streamlined purchasing process  
  • All-Agilent solution offers the convenience of dealing with only one company and the peace of mind in knowing that the complete system is fully supported and tested to Agilent’s strict QC requirements
  • Fully integrated software provides complete control over all automation accessories from a single interface, minimizing staff training. Includes software support for achieving 21CFR11 compliance
  • Increase lab sustainability with less argon, power, and labware usage. Automatic inline dilutions greatly reduce the need for plasticware, including pipette tips, and solution vials.
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Key Benefits:

Simplified Integration: Our single-vendor solution seamlessly integrates automated calibration, dilution, analysis, and reporting, ensuring a smooth and cohesive workflow.

Cost and Time Savings: By automating critical tasks, our system reduces your cost-per-sample and turnaround time

Introducing the Agilent Advanced Dilution System (ADS 2) Autodilutor:

Designed and manufactured by Agilent, the ADS 2 Autodilutor is a cornerstone of our integrated automation system. Here's what it offers:

  • Comprehensive Automation: From preparing calibration standards to reactive dilution after internal standard or QC solution failure, the ADS 2 automates all common dilution tasks associated with ICP-OES and ICP-MS instruments.
  • Seamless Control: The autodilutor's control is seamlessly integrated into the instrument software, ensuring consistency and reliability across your analyses.
  • Efficiency Enhancement: Samples that don’t require dilution bypass the autodilutor, minimizing analysis time without sacrificing accuracy.

For more information or to schedule a demonstration, contact us today. Let us show you how Agilent can transform your lab operations for the better.

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