OMNIS the high-performance titration platform for your lab

OMNIS titrators are high-end automatic potentiometric titrators that allow you to consolidate all your titration applications on a single platform for efficient and safe analyses. Various customization and automation options are available and, thanks to the modular design, you can scale up your system as you go.

Metrohm OMNIS Titrators
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OMNIS – titration on a whole new level

  • Much Faster – With OMNIS, you can perform up to four analyses on the same system at the same time
  • Much Safer – OMNIS enables entirely contact-free chemical handling and ensures full result trackability
  • Much Easier – OMNIS actively prevents user error – and the software is so easy to learn that anyone in your lab can use it

Titration solution for applications in food & beverages industries

  • Five manual or four fully automated titrations can be performed at the same time for a higher throughput.
  • New patented system for safe and contact-free reagent exchange.
  • Resolution of up to 100,000 steps for higher precision.
  • Modular design for more flexibility.
  • Modern and intuitive OMNIS software for reliable, reproducible, and traceable results.

Highlighting herewith applications

TechnologyParameterSample types
Potentiometric and Karl Fischer TitrationpH Value, degree of acidity, peroxide number, formol number, Phosphoric acid, Iodine number, free fatty acid, Nitrite, nitrate, chloride, phosphate, sulfate and water content.Baby foods, butter, powdered milk, Sunflower oil, Safflower oil, Olive oil, Blossom honey, sugar and sweets, Candy, Fruit juice, coffee, cocoa and chocolate, (green and roasted coffee, coffee extracts), cocoa and chocolate powder, cocoa butter

OMNIS Titrator

OMNIS – titration on a whole new level

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