TPH Analysis

Robust, Affordable multi Dimensional GC Solutions for Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (TPH) Analysis.

Petroleum contamination is a significant concern for both the environment and human health. Our ‘TPH’ product package allows thorough characterisation of both aliphatic and aromatic components in a single run, without the need for sample fractionation.

Sepsolve TPH Analysis
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The Challenge

  • Samples are complex and require the aliphatic and aromatic components to be separated and quantitated.
  • Existing workflows require time-consuming and labour-intensive SPE sample fractionation.
  • Current multi-step sample preparation approaches use costly consumables and increase the risk of error.
  • Previous approaches require multiple GC–FID analyses, with complex chromatograms making integration difficult and subjective.

The Benefits

  • Easier Operation: No SPE . Labour-intensive, multi-step SPE sample fractionation is eliminated.
  • Reduced Cost: Fewer consumables are needed, and solvent waste is reduced.
  • Faster Reporting: Fully automated workflows allow real-time data processing, with all analytes reported in a single run.
  • Doubled Productivity: Dual-channel GC×GC allows two samples to be run at once.
  • Increased Reliability: Minimal sample preparation minimises the risk of error, while automated data-processing avoids operator subjectivity.

TPH Product Package

Source: Sepsolve

Thorough characterisation of aliphatic and aromatic components in a single run is achieved using our ‘TPH’ product package, which includes robust GC hardware , INSIGHT GC×GC flow modulation device and ChromSpace software for simple group-type analysis and reporting of the TPH-CWG bands.

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