Simplify eluent preparation for unattended operation with higher accuracy

941 Eluent Production Module enables the automatic production of an eluent. It enables continuous working without manual intervention and guarantees stable retention times. 941 Eluent can be combined with all Metrohm IC instruments and is monitored by Magic Net. With Elga water system connected it automates the complete process and ensure high quality production of Eluent. It prevents monitoring of water level and helps to maintain the same water quality.

941 Eluent
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Key Benefits of upgrading Metrohm IC with Eluent Production Module

  • Automated Inline Eluent Preparation ensures stable retention times, contamination-free  
  • working and reliable measurement results 
  •  Free selection of the eluent with respect to component and concentration 
  •  Continuous, maintenance-free operation up to one month 
  • Eluent concentrates can be produced inexpensively on your own or purchased conveniently from dealers
  •  Direct connection of an ultrapure water system for high-purity eluents possible
  • Up to four eluents, parallel with one module   

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Benefits of Inline Eluent Preparation using the 941 Eluent Production Module include

  • Stable retention times, contamination-free working, and reliable measuring results
  • Free choice of eluent, concentration, and composition
  • Easy to integrate new and existing applications
  • Uninterrupted system operation of up to one month, maintenance-free
  • Fully automated Inline Eluent Preparation replaces time-consuming, error-prone, manual working steps in everyday laboratory routine
941 Eluent

Metrohm IC with Eluent Production Module

941 Eluent Production Module - Metrohm

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