Take a look at the new SmartReader™ Multimode from Accuris Instruments

GBA delighted to introduce a new exciting product from Benchmark Scientific, the Accuris SmartReader ™ Multimode. It is an advanced microplate reader designed to meet the growing needs of advanced life science labs.

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Expand your discovery horizon and take your research to the next level

  • Quickly processes assays in standard 96 well plates
  • Can also accept 6, 12, 24, 48 and 384 well plates
  • Stand-alone system with optional PC software (FDA CFR Part 11)
  • Monochromator-based system for UV through visible absorbance
  • Filter module system for fluorescence assays
  • Advanced PMT detector for luminescence assays
  • Optional automatic injection modules for flash luminescence
  • Built-in plate shaker with linear, orbital, and double-orbital shaking modes
  • Built-in incubator performs top heating from ambient + 4°C – 45°C

Accuris is your source for a full range of microplate instruments

SmartReader Multimode

The Accuris SmartReader™ Multimode is an advanced microplate reader designed to meet the growing needs of advanced life science labs. Equipped with a full suite of high-performance optical systems, the SmartReader Multimode is your all-in-one solution for absorbance, fluorescence and luminescence applications.

SmartReader UV-Vis

The Accuris SmartReader™ UV-Vis Microplate Readers (models MR9610 and MR9611) have been designed with ease-of-use and fast results in mind. These instruments brings extensive capabilities to the lab bench and are designed for the busy lab with multiple users. A large touch screen command center is extremely user-friendly and allows for fast set up of new protocols, as well as modifying and running existing protocols.

SmartReader 96

The Accuris SmartReader 96, models MR9600 and MR9600-T are welcome additions to any lab that is routinely measuring concentration or absorbance in 96 well plates. The 7 inch touch screen, intuitive software and graphical interface make these instruments easy to use as a standalone reader (a separate computer and additional software is not required).


The Accuris SmartWasher™ 96 automates the process of ELISA plate washing so assays can be prepared quickly, accurately, and with confidence for absorbance reading. It’s the perfect companion to our popular SmartReader™ 96 microplate reader.


The Accuris SmartSeal™ Automated Plate Sealer (MS1000) provides fast, reproducible sealing of microplates. Unlike manual plate sealing, the SmartSeal ensures uniform sealing of all wells and consistency from one plate to the next.

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