Acid Purification System by Sub-boiling Distillation Technique

Supra-pure acid is one of the main factors to improve the detection limit of trace elements analysis or any other trace analysis.

The cost of Supra-pure acid is another challenge for any testing laboratory because it is very expensive compare with the commercial one.

Milestone developed sub-boiling distillation system for the acid purification, Sub-boiling distillation has been demonstrated to be the best method of acid purification. It uses contactless infrared lamps to vaporize the surface of acid below its boiling point which will prevent the formation of aerosols or droplets in the vapor phase during the distillation process and will produce acid with purity higher than that obtained from normal classical distillation.

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The duoPUR - Acid Purification System

What is the sub-boiling distallation system?

System will purify the commercial acid and covert it to supra-pure acid, the heating will perform by IR lamp so, the evaporation of acid will be very slow then will re-condensate the generated vapor in PFA bottle.

What is the quality of acid after sub-boiling distillation compare with Supra-pure acid?

The below table demonstrates the concentration of trace elements in ng/L in Supra-pure and sub-boiling distillation Nitric and Hydrochloric acid.

Sub-boiling distillation system benefits:

  • 90% cost saving of ultra-pure acids by purifying low-cost reagent grade acids.
  • Fully automated system through Terminal 480, software and pre-set methods.
  • High productivity, up to 400mL per hour.
  • Producing high quality acid with less impurities even compare with Supra-pure acid.
  • Re-purification of contaminated acid.
  • Automatic pump station for filling/draining of the distillation vessel.
  • Ability to perform double distillation to improve the acid quality.
  • High safety.

Sub-boiling distillation system models:

  • subPUR - one Quartz sub-boiling distillation system for Nitric Acid and others.
  • duoPUR - Two Quartz sub-boiling distillation system for Nitric Acid and others.
  • subCLEAN - PTFE-PFA sub-boiling distillation system for Hydrofluoric Acid and others
sub/duo PUR

The below table demosntarte the sub-boiling distillation acid quality after signle distillation and double distillation:

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