5800 and 5900 ICP-OES spectrometers

The Agilent 5800 and 5900 ICP-OES have an ecosystem of embedded sensors-powerful processors with smart algorithms and diagnostics designed to automate troubleshooting, preempt maintenance, and identify problems that could impact your results. Always working behind the scenes, the instruments think like an expert, and can make recommendations and solve problems before they happen. This smart functionality reduces the number of samples you have to remeasure and gives you more confidence in your results.

5800 and 5900 ICP-OES spectrometers
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Product Details

Meet the new Agilent 5800 and 5900 ICP-OES

5800 ICP-OES

  • Smart software tools to provide insight about your samples to get the right answer the first time
  • Instrument health diagnosis tools and proactive maintenance alerts avoid downtime
  • Able to use 99.99% purity argon to reduce argon costs
  • Two configurations: Vertical torch with dual view, and vertical torch with radial view
  • Smallest footprint of any ICP-OES

5900 ICP-OES

Includes all the features of the 5800, plus:

  • Measures both radial and axial views of the plasma in the same measurement, providing accurate results in the fastest time of any ICP-OES, using half the argon of other instruments
  • Built-in seven-port switching valve reduces sample introduction and rinse times

New Features

  • The ICP-OES has ‘dual view’ capability with a vertically oriented plasma to handle high TDS samples till 30%.
  • All connections including gases, cooling water, power and communications can be accessed from the sides of the instrument, for easy maintenance and servicing.
  • The ICP-OES spectral range is between 167 and 785nm with a resolution <0.007 nm at 200 nm. This provides full wavelength coverage from 167–785 nm on a single detector, from a single entrance slit.
  • New polychromator with small size to decrease warm up time at 35 ◦C and reducing the gas consumption which required to purge optics.
  • The new polychromator is including free form collimating mirror which giving focus spot on detector lens to providing higher intensity and Tighter Focus.
  • The RF generator is solid state, no spare or maintenance require for it and has an optimal power output range of 700 - 1500 watts and be controllable in 10-watt increments.

  • Reducing the required argon gas purity to be 99.99 %.
  • The CCD is utilizing Image Mapping Technology (I-MAP), where in the photosensitive pixels are arranged to exactly match the image from the echelle optics.
  • The detector is cooled to -40 ºC for low dark current and noise.
  • 3rd generation of CCD Vista chip detector with low integration time and wide dynamic Concentration range covering which is 5 times better than previous models in upper limit and Lower limit (DLs).
  • Very Fast analysis and No detector purge, it means low gas consumption and low analysis cost.

  • Automatic adjustment of plasma ignition parameters which required to adjust for difference atmospheric pressure sites locations, different samples matrix and viscosities. So, Argon plasma will be very stable with any sample matrix and viscosity.
  • New Air filter to protect internal hardware components form corrosion, Air filter installed inside simple rack for easy routine purging of filter.
  • New smart software is capable of rapid qualitative screening and displaying semi quantitative reading of all uncalibrated elements in each sample using IntelliQuant, after IntelliQuant analysis you will have idea about elements component and the concentration of each elements.

  • The smart software can automatically identify spectral interference on any analyte lines of interest element and give a ranking of the best detection wavelength for each element, according to the sample matrix.

  • The smart software can automatically identify if there is blockage or leakage issues around the use of the nebulizer and stopping the running sequence with error messages and suggestion to solve the problem with procedures and video.

  • The smart software has enhanced diagnostic capabilities for simplified diagnosis of instrument and utility faults with actionable error messages. The software is including a simple graphic display dashboard to monitor all instrument parameters including supply voltages, gas flows, water flows, temperatures etc.  The diagnostics shall also include automated instrument self-checks on all sub modules to maximize instrument uptime.

The smart software is including internal standard monitor and Intelligent rinse to prevent any cross-contamination between running sample and next sample.

  • Early maintenance feedback to decrease the instrument breakdown, count samples and days so, you can have idea about the consumption of each consumables part.

  • The smart software is including built in learning and support center which support the operator for learning, troubleshooting and maintenance.
  • The smart software with all of these smart tools will reduce samples remeasurement, breakdown issues and will reduce 40% of Engineer service visit requirement because the software will support the operator in the instrument troubleshooting, inspect the problem and solve it.
  • The software with background correction techniques is including off-peak background correction, Fitted Background Correction (FBC), Traditional Interfering Element Corrections (IEC) and Fast Automated Correction Technique (FACT) to handle all type of application, matrix and all possible interferences.
FBC back ground correctionFACT back ground correction
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