5800 and 5900 ICP-OES spectrometers

The Agilent 5800 and 5900 ICP-OES have an ecosystem of embedded sensors-powerful processors with smart algorithms and diagnostics designed to automate troubleshooting, preempt maintenance, and identify problems that could impact your results. Always working behind the scenes, the instruments think like an expert, and can make recommendations and solve problems before they happen. This smart functionality reduces the number of samples you have to remeasure and gives you more confidence in your results.

5800 and 5900 ICP-OES spectrometers
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Product Details

Meet the new Agilent 5800 and 5900 ICP-OES

5800 ICP-OES

  • Smart software tools to provide insight about your samples to get the right answer the first time
  • Instrument health diagnosis tools and proactive maintenance alerts avoid downtime
  • Able to use 99.99% purity argon to reduce argon costs
  • Two configurations: Vertical torch with dual view, and vertical torch with radial view
  • Smallest footprint of any ICP-OES
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5900 ICP-OES

Includes all the features of the 5800, plus:

  • Measures both radial and axial views of the plasma in the same measurement, providing accurate results in the fastest time of any ICP-OES, using half the argon of other instruments
  • Built-in seven-port switching valve reduces sample introduction and rinse times
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