Online Reaction Monitoring by Agilent InfinityLab Online LC solution

Designed as a process analytical technology (PAT) tool for automated process monitoring, the 1260 Infinity II Prime Online LC System provides real-time data for greater control and faster understanding of your processes.

Monitor, Understand and Control Your Processes with Confidence. With the 1260 Infinity II Prime Online LC System, you can be assured of accurate, robust, and accelerated process monitoring. The key technology within the system is the new Agilent 1260 Infinity II Online Sample Manager, which was designed for easy interfacing of the analytical with the process world in PAT applications.

online HPLC
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Benefits of Online HPLC

Key features of Agilent Online HPLC

  • Agilent Feed Injection- The newly introduced Agilent Feed Injection minimizes the negative effects of strong sample diluents and supports rapid gradients due to low delay volume. It also provides increased injection precision for sub-1 µL injections.
  • Flexible injection options- The Online Sample Manager gives you freedom to choose the injection principle that best suits your analysis. Alongside classic flow-through injection, we have introduced Agilent Feed Injection as a novel LC injection technique hardware with three years manufacturer warranty
  • Unique valve technology- The dual-valve system enables not only direct injection for real-time monitoring, but also vial sampling for automated dilution, online sample preparation, and sample retention for additional offline analysis.
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Application Notes

Sensitive Detection of Low-Level Byproducts in a Small Molecule Reaction

Online Reaction Monitoring by the Agilent InfinityLab Online LC Solutions

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