Microwave Plasma Atomic Emission Spectroscopy (MP-AES)

Measuring Elements in Residual Fuels and Crude Oil per Method ASTM D8322

The Agilent MP-AES uses a nitrogen based plasma, reducing the cost associated with the purchase of argon, for ICP OES, and acetylene, for Flame AAS. Unlike the other techniques, the MP-AES can be fitted with a nitrogen generator, eliminating the need for bottled gases.

The nitrogen generator further reduces the cost and risks associated with the handling of gas bottles. The nitrogen generator also makes MP-AES ideal selection for remote locations. It is also preferred over Flame-AAS in petrochemical labs because it can be used without close supervision and does not use flammable gases.

Agilent MP AES
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What is ASTM D8322?

ASTM D8322 is an accredited standard method for determining V, Ni, Ca, Na, Al, Si, Zn, and S in residual fuels and Fe, V, Ni,Ca, Na, K, and S in crude oils. The method uses microwave plasma atomic emission spectroscopy (MP-AES). The D8322 method complements and extends the capabilities of other test methods like D5708 and D5863, which only apply to the determination of Ni, V, and Fe in crude oils and residual fuels.


How does ASTM D8322 differ from similar methods?

Using MP-AES streamlines elemental analysis by allowing the use of a single technique. Measuring the same elements previously required using multiple ASTM methods and multiple techniques: Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectroscopy (ICP-OES), Flame Atomic Absorption Spectrometry (Flame AAS), and X-ray spectrometry.

ASTM Method D8322-20 (1)
D5708-15 (2)D5863-00a (3)D5184-12 (4)D8252-19e1 (5)D4294-16e1 (6)
ICP-OESFlame AASMethod A - ICP OES Method B - Flame AASX-ray spectrometryX-ray spectrometry
ElementsResidual fuel oil V,Ni,Ca,Na,
Crude oils Fe,V,Ni,
Residual oils and Crude oils: Ni,V,&FeResidual fuel and
Crude oils: Ni,V,Fe&Na
Fuel oils (both methods): Al,SiResidual oils and Crude oils: V&NiPetroleum & Petroleum products:(total)S
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ASTM D8322

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