Amino Acid Analyzers

The ARACUS is a dedicated amino acid analyser for high-end analysis of amino acids in research, food quality control (own patent 10 2016 010 887), beverages and feedstuff and in the clinical laboratory. It combines innovative technologies with the classic routine analysis of amino acids by post-column derivatization with ninhydrin and the detection at 440 nm and 570 nm using maintenance-free LED photometers. 

ARACUS is suitable for use in quality control. In this way it makes an important contribution to ensuring defined quality requirements.

Amino Acid Analyzer
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Ready-to-use Kit

Source: Qatana Scientific Instrument

The concept behind the ready-to-use eluent and reagent kits allows the reproducible analysis of amino acid samples. Each kit is produced under standardized procedures, tested and certified before shipping. Depending on the application, the eluent and reagent kit contains the necessary amount for about 500 runs. Kits and columns are optimally matched to each other.


  • Detectors with maintenance-free LED technology (440 & 570 nm)/ no UV/VIS lamp degeneration and lamp exchange
  • Chloride-free and citrate-free buffer system / less aggressive to the components of the liquid handling tubes, fittings and connection
  • Small eluent consumption / about 200 µL/min in analysis mode
  • High sensitivity of amino acids / choice of two sensitivity detector levels
  • Level sensors for eluents / warn the user if needed fluidic volume is too low for planned analysis
  • Easy access to all components of the entire system
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Application Note

Suitable use of the amino acid analyzer in quality control

Determination of the amino acids as biomarkers for metabolic disorders

Amino acids as biomarkers for metabolic disorders like Phenylketonuria

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