BenchTOF2 mass spectrometers are the next generation of the successful BenchTOF series of time-of-flight (TOF) mass spectrometers, allowing labs to adapt to increased workloads and new challenges, while improving data confidence and reducing costs.

Like all TOF instruments, BenchTOF2 simultaneously analyses all ions, maximising sensitivity and providing full-range spectra for both target compounds and unknowns in a single run. Conventional quadrupoles, in contrast, work by mass filtering, which wastes ions and results in lower sensitivity (and SIM mode, while enhancing sensitivity, is not able to analyse unknowns).

BenchTOF2 by SepSolve Analytical
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Reasons to select BenchTOF2

Identify analytes confidently through an unbeatable combination of SIM-level sensitivity, high-quality spectra, excellent selectivity and smart software tools.

Improve detection limits with full spectral information, and so detect a wide range of trace-level species in a single analysis, with the option of retrospective searching for new compounds of interest.

Extend dynamic range across five orders of magnitude: accurately quantify high-concentration compounds while maintaining low detection limits, and so remove the need for dilutions or repeat analyses.

Carry out fast GC and GC×GC separations thanks to BenchTOF2’s fast acquisition speeds.

Simultaneously acquire hard and soft EI spectra using patented Tandem Ionisation technology, and so confidently identify challenging compounds (e.g. isomers) in streamlined workflows.

Increase productivity through use of H2 carrier gas, for lower cost of ownership, fast return on investment, faster chromatographic separations, and easier implementation for new labs.

Minimise training: BenchTOF2 combines instrument control, method development, data analysis and chemometrics in a single user interface, and is easily learnt by non-MS experts.

Comparison of 70 and 12 ev spectra for caryophyllene using Tandem ionization

Intelligent, connected workflows

Allows you to transition quickly and easily from discovery approaches, where you don’t know what compounds are important, to fast, targeted methods – all within the same hardware platform and user interface.

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