BluVision Discrete Analyzer

BluVision Discrete Analyzer for all your Water Applications Ideal solution for high throughput samples with wide range of parameters!

The BluVision provides a true "walkaway" automatic analyzer, which creates calibrations from stock solutions, auto-dilutes over-range samples or performs re-analysis of samples all in one run. Complete automation on colorimetric method, especially for high throughput sample labs, which are into multinutrient analysis.

BluVision Discrete Analyzer
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  • 15 mm cuvette path length for low ppb levels of detection
  • 640 cuvette positions, giving a total of 640 tests running without any operator intervention
  • Easy to operate, low reagent consumption
  • Runs up to 8 chemistry parameters simultaneously
  • Separate waste collection for toxic reagents, selectable per method
  • Automatically pre-dilutes samples or if a sample goes over-range during analysis, the sample is automatically re-run in a different analytical range or re-run after automatic post-dilution
  • Results can be printed using a user-definable report format or exported to LIMS
  • Applications conform to regulatory bodies such as ISO, EPA, Standard Methods for Water and Wastewater
AlkalinityIronDrinking Water
AluminumMagnesiumWaste Water
AmmoniaNitrate+NitriteSea Water
CalciumOrtho PhosphateGround Water
ChloridePhenolsSurface Water
Chromium VISilicateSoil
CyanideSulfatePlant & Food
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