All-in-One Benchtop XRD

The world's first benchtop platform for X-ray powder diffraction in reflection and transmission geometry, thin film analysis by grazing incidence diffraction and reflectometry, and bulk sample stress and texture analysis.

D6 PHASER sets new benchmarks and is the perfect tool for XRD measurements ranging from phase identification and pair distribution function analysis to texture and X-ray reflectometry

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A new class of X-ray Diffractometers

Bruker has created innovative analytical instruments to support the scientific community as well as users in industry. Our analytical solutions stand for cutting-edge technology and the highest performance. While we are providing top technology for scientists worldwide, over the past decades, we have more and more focused on making the latest analytical methods also accessible to a broader group of users.

At the forefront of this endeavor for accessibility are our benchtop instruments. Although they come with a smaller form factor than our landmark full-size systems, they share with them the same analytical instrument DNA, including the focus on data quality, robust hardware design, and reliable results.

The D6 PHASER is a groundbreaking benchtop XRD platform that combines operability and flexibility. Unlike traditional benchtop instruments, it offers advanced analytical methods beyond powder diffraction. With its wide range of applications, the D6 PHASER opens up new markets and user communities for XRD.


The combination of the highest X-ray source-power on the market, small goniometer radius, the proven LYNXEYE detector family, and tailor-made beam optics outperform many floor-standing systems.

  • Up to 1.2 kW with internal cooling
  • Time-tested goniometer 
  • Energy Discrimination with LYNXEYE XE-T detector
  • Optional motorized beam optics


One of the hallmark features of the D6 PHASER is the ability to adapt the system to a multitude of measurement types beyond basic powder diffraction, making it a truly universal stage for every experiment.

  • Reflection and transmission
  • Non-ambient diffraction
  • GID, XRR, Stress, Texture


No training is required. The users are guided through analytical methods in an intuitive way based on our easy-to-use software and extensive knowledge of XRD analytical methods, while assisted by affordable, automated accessories.

  • Dynamic Beam Optimization 
  • Touch panel operation
  • Stage and optics exchange
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D6 PHASER Specifications

GeometriesTheta/Theta or Omega/2Theta
Max. useable angular range-3 to 152° 2Theta
Accuracy± 0.01° throughout the entire measuring range
Achievable peakwidth < 0.03° (FWHM)
X-ray wavelengthsCr, Co, Cu, standard ceramic sealed tube (Mo and others on request)
X-ray generator options 540 W (30 kV, 18 mA)
600 W (40 kV, 15 mA)
1.2 kW (40 kV, 30 mA)
Detector options SSD 160-2
Stage options Reflection/transmission stage
Sample rotation stage with programmable rotation speed
12-position sample changer, Ø 32 mm, with programmable rotation speed
Capillary phase with programmable rotation speed
Non-ambient stages: RT to 500 °C or -10 °C to 150 °C
A universal set for materials analysis with optional phi-rotation stage
Sample holdersVarious cavities, low background with and without cavity, air-tight, sealed, filter samples, back loading, oriented slides (clay)
Exterior dimension (h x d x w)70.0 cm (27.6”) x 66.7 cm (26.7”) x 88.5 cm (35.0”), width 110 cm (43.3”) with open door
Max. weight160 kg (353 lbs)
Power supply100 V – 240 V (600 W and 540 W), 200 V – 240 V (1.2 kW)
Cooling water supply options Internal water-to-air cooling (540 W, 600W, 1.2 kW) Connection to laboratory supply, 3.6 l/min at 3 – 4.5 bar
ComputerPC connected via LAN interface
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