Powder Analyzers

Discover the precision and efficiency of our Powder Analyzers, designed to meet the highest standards in material analysis.

CAD Instruments offers state-of-the-art instruments provide accurate particle size distribution, flowability, and density measurements, ensuring optimal quality control and consistency for your products. Whether you're in pharmaceuticals, food production, or industrial manufacturing, our Powder Analyzers offer reliable performance and advanced features to support your needs. Experience the future of powder analysis with CAD INSTRUMENTS.

CAD Instruments Powder Analyzers
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  • Surface and large particles zetametry using streaming potential or streaming current
  • ZetaCAD has been specially designed to automatically measure the Zeta Potential by the technique of streaming potential/current measurement
  • An electrolyte is forced to pass through a capillary or a porous plug by a pressure gradient


  • ZetaCompact is a zetameter based on the micro-electrophoresis, i.e. coupling direct observation (microscopy) and particles motion under an applied electric field (electrophoresis)
  • Illumination of the measuring cell is done by a laser sheet or Single Plane Illumination Microscopy generated by the combination of lenses and a laser
  • This technique allows an observation in a single vertical plane
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New tensiometer TensioCAD:

  • Surface tension measurement - Interfacial tension measurement - Contact angle measurement – Density measurement - Powder wettability analysis
  • TensioCAD is a tensiometer based on the principle of measuring a force against a displacement
  • This method, often called force tensiometry or Wilhelmy method, consists in diving a platinium plate of perimeter L in a liquid having a superficial tension σ


  • FORS-BET4 is a static volumetric high speed automatic surface area analyzer
  • It gives accurate results with special design against the sample surface area as low as 0.2 m2/g and satisfied the special QC request from lithium battery materials
  • FORS-BET4 is a physisorption analyzer with excellent accuracy and stability with four port standard configuration
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