CO2 Analysis in Amine Solution by SMS 2239

In natural gas processing, removing CO2, H2S, and COS is crucial but challenging. Amines in scrubbers are commonly used for this task. Recycling these amines requires effectively extracting these components, whether free or bound. Analyzing the amine solution is vital to ensure thorough removal. The SMS 2239 method is a notable technique utilized for this precise analysis, ensuring the purity and safety of natural gas products.

CO2 Analysis
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Analysis of CO2, H2S and COS present in Amine solution

The existence of CO2, H2S, and COS poses a significant concern in natural gas. Effectively eliminating these components presents a formidable challenge, often tackled through scrubbers employing amines. Recycling the used amine involves extracting these components, whether they are free or bound. Analyzing the amine solution is essential to ensure thorough removal of these constituents. The SMS 2239 method stands out as a distinctive technique utilized for this precise analysis.

Gas chromatography, when coupled with a specialized glassware setup designed for desorbing CO2, H2S, and COS, can be configured to analyze these components accurately, ranging from percentage to parts per million (PPM) levels.

Schematic diagram illustrating the chromatographic setup featuring desorption vessel and cold trap (*Image courtesy SMS 2239). The accompanying chromatogram depicts the analysis of CO2 utilizing the desorption setup.

The GBA solution offers:

  • Full glassware setup with Gas Chromatography hardware and software.
  • Compliance with SMS 2239 method.
  • Rapid and confident identification with repeatable analysis.
  • Streamlined workflow for acquisition and analysis of gas samples.
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