Lab Instruments Cold Properties

Cloud Point: in petroleum products and biodiesel fuels, the temperature of a liquid specimen when the smallest observable cluster of hydrocarbon crystals first occurs upon cooling under prescribed conditions.

Pour Point: in petroleum products, the lowest temperature at which movement of the test specimen is observed under the prescribed conditions of the test.

Cold Filter Plugging Point: the lowest temperature at which a fuel will give trouble-free flow in certain fuel systems.

Freeze Point: the aviation fuel temperature at which solid hydrocarbon crystals, formed on cooling, disappear when the temperature of the fuel is allowed to rise under specified conditions of test.

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Highlight of the Product Offering

OptiMPP: Mini Cloud & Pour Point

Compact, portable analyzer delivers fast results (30°C in less than 30 minutes, and quick pour point correlation with no flow).

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OptiFZP: Freeze Point

Freeze point analyzer combines a patented built-in cooling system and a unique, patented detection cell into an ultra-compact design.

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OptiCPP: Cloud & Pour Point

Pour and cloud point testing of any petroleum products, down to -95°C (-139°F)

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OptiFPP: Cold Filter Plugging Point

Easy to Use, Accurate and Reliable Cold Filter Plugging Point Analyzer

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JFA-70Xi: Freeze, Viscosity & Density

Measure freeze point, viscosity and density in jet fuel with Phases's JFA-70Xi in less than 15 minutes

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70Xi: Cloud, Pour & Freeze Point

Phase Technology’s 70Xi analyzes pour, cloud and freeze point, all in one unit

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CPA-T30 Mini Cloud Point

Small, portable package that makes it the most affordable cloud point analyzer for diesel and biodiesel fuels

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DFA-70Xi: Diesel Cloud, Pour, Viscosity & Density

Four diesel fuel tests in one single unit, in less than 25 minutes

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MFA: Marine Fuel Viscosity, Density & Cold Properties

Stay compliant with IMO 2020 regulations

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