Analyzing Crude In An Efficient And Cost-Effective Way!

Crude oil is the raw natural resource that is extracted from the earth and refined into products such as gasoline, jet fuel and other petroleum products. Crude oil is a global commodity that trades in markets around the world, both as spot oil and via derivatives contracts. Many economists view crude oil as the single most important commodity in the world as it is currently the primary source of energy production.

This Agilent GC Analyzer is configured to analyze the results of DHA up to C9 by using Agilent’s Capillary Flow Technology and High Temp SIMDIS analysis into one total true boiling point report for the best performance in crude oil analysis.

Crude oil analyzer
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ApplicationAnalysis of the complete Crude Oil in Refineries
Measuring ObjectsLiquid sample
Standard MethodsASTM D7169, ASTM D7500, ASTM D7900, ASTM D6352, IP 545, IP601

A simple solution for a complex analysis

  • Complete solution of full hardware and software
  • CFT Technology to backflush the heavier components
  • Software allows precise, accurate molecular and yield monitoring of whole crude and condensate samples by combining front end Detailed Hydrocarbon Analysis data (DHA – ASTM D7900/IP 601) with High Temperature Simulated Distillation data (HTSD – ASTM D7169/IP 545)
  • Intuitive software merges DHA and SIMDIS results into one boiling point distribution curve for the complete crude oil

Performance you can count on… every day

  • Built-in Agilent reliability tested to 8890 GC standard
  • Temperature and pressure compensation for more stable chromatographic performance
  • Optional Electronic Pneumatic Regulation (EPR) for easy, precise manual operation with digital display

Performance you can count on… every day

Low cost of ownership

  • Hydrogen or nitrogen alternate carrier gas capability minimizes operating costs
  • Helium conservation module and hydrogen sensor help reduce gas costs
  • Sleep/wake modes reduce gas and energy consumption

Low cost of ownership

Intelligent capabilities with remote status monitoring

  • Built-in diagnostics and maintenance functions help avoid unplanned downtime
  • Browser interface allows method and sequence editing and access to logs
  • Help menus offer easy access to user documentation
  • Connectivity lets you check status or run diagnostics from anywhere within your network

Intelligent capabilities with remote status monitoring

More consistent results, less rework

  • Electronic Pneumatic Control (EPC) ensures repeatability of retention times and peak area
  • Digital electronics keep your set points constant from run to run and operator to operator
  • Agilent 6ᵗʰ generation EPC design protects against gas contaminants such as particulates, water and oils and provides significant improvement in reliability and longevity over earlier generation GC designs from Agilent or other GC manufacturers

Electronic Pneumatic Control (EPC)

Make reliable capillary connections with Capillary Flow Technology (CFT)

  • Backflush significantly reduces timing between injections, increasing productivity

Capillary Flow Technology (CFT)
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