Customized GC Analyzers

Apart from the standardized solutions, GBA also offers instruments based on customer specific in-house methods or fully designed-from-scratch analyzers.

Our Product Specialists will work in close cooperation with lab managers, operators and QC employees, to specifically design, built and test analysers that fit any analytical need and deliver reliable and superior results for a wide range of sources and analysis requirement.

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GBA Analyzer Solutions

  • Save time on developing new methods
  • 20+ years Expertise in Tailoring to these specific needs (>1000 solutions installed)
  • No need to have a specialist in the lab or tie up R&D
  • System is delivering value immediately
  • Any type of market or business, routine, or research
  • Based on GC, GCMS, HPLC, peripheral instrumentation and/or sample preparation
  • Analytical performance test - The analyzer is fully checked on its analytical capabilities. As standard, the instrument is tuned to achieve proper component separation and is calibrated on the components of interest. Any additional performance parameters can be tested on request, such as detection limit, repeatability, resolution etc.
  • The results of this factory test are documented and shipped with every instrument for future reference.

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