DEXTech systems are designed to provide automation for this complex clean-up with unmatched ease of use and support for analysis and easier data interpretation by reproducible high purity fractions at the same time.

DEXTech Pure offers the unique clean-up of PCBs and dioxins in one “pure” fraction each. This is the perfect solution for customers interested especially in measuring PCBs and dioxins separately within one GC-MS run each or also for customers interested only in PCB analysis, as it is often relevant in the environmental sector. In this case DEXTech Pure offers a 2-column-method reducing the run time.

DEXTech Series
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The Solution for Purified Fractions

DEXTech Pure looks the same as DEXTech Plus, but is modified in terms of fluidics and methods.

DEXTech Pure thus enables the fully separation of PCBs and dioxins based on aluminium oxide. Besides this new method, the conventional clean-up method, as it is established on DEXTech Plus already on aluminium oxide column in its fast and economic method, can also be used.

3-Column Set-up with Patented Locking System

The DEXTech Pure system is designed with a 3-column set-up, like DEXTech Plus. Depending on the individual requirements, matrix or desired method, the user can load the DEXTech Pure with different set-ups, simply insert the respective columns - "just click it". No screw connections, no tools, no other manual steps.

From sample to sample - fast, flexible, effortless.

  • Acidic silica gel column: depending on the sample SMART column (samples of up to 1,5 g fat) or Universal column (sample of up to 5 g fat)
    Easy and fast change between Universal and SMART-columns by fitting an adapter.
  • Aluminium oxide column
  • Carbon column: reusable
    Advantage: Cost saving for "pure" PCB analysis, because the carbon column is not needed and replaced by a dummy column.

DEXTech Pure: Sample Preparation Done by Specialists

DEXTech Pure provides the established benefits of DEXTech Plus like easy handling, automated sample loading, a wide variety of safety features and good results, already proven by numerous private and governmental institutes.

With the system you can prepare all kind of

  • environmental samples, such as soil, sewage sludge, sediments,
  • food and feed samples, such as fish, meat, and fish oil, eggs, vegetable oils and animal feed mixtures,
  • biological matrices, such as blood

fast, easy, and reliable.

Simple, Safe, and Flexible

Based on DEXTech Pure, DEXTech Heat has the proven technology and functions of the DEXTech product family:

  • Automated processing without manual handling during the entire process
  • Perfect separation of PCBs and dioxins in one fraction each with excellent results
  • Standard methods (Alox Pure, Alox Plus method) or flexible parameterization
  • Column tower with patented locking system, which automatically locks the columns pressure tight
  • 3-column set-up with aluminium oxide column
  • Certified columns for PCB and dioxin analysis: ready-to-use, easy to handle “just click it”
  • Cross-contamination is reliably excluded
  • High recovery rates
  • Simple handling of the system
  • Safety for the user due to a variety of safety features

The system can also be used without heating for ordinary samples that do not harden at room temperature at any time.

DEXTech Heat Handles All Samples with Best Results

DEXTech Heat reliably processes all samples in PCB and dioxin analysis. Heating prevents clogging of the clean-up column. In addition, the samples obtain a homogeneous consistency, which results in a better distribution of the quantification standard and thus better recoveries.
During the fractionation of a sample, the next sample can be heated offline. This saves additional time.
The design of the system, exchangeable columns, and automated rinsing steps reliably exclude cross-contamination.

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