Discrete Analyzer - Automation of basic colorimetric parameters

The BluVision™ is specially designed  for environmental labs that have a wide variety of sample types and matrices for analysis. The Skalar discrete analyzer automates the sample & reagent pipetting into the cuvettes, mixing, heating and measuring of the reaction product.

With the BluVision™ discrete analyzer we complement our range of products for the automation of colorimetric analysis, which already consists of the San++ continuous flow analyzer and the SP2000 test kit robotic analyzer.

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Typical Applications

The BluVision is ideal for the analysis of many different colorimetric analyses on a variety of sample types and matrices found in today's environmental laboratories. Typical application areas for the BluVision are for example drinking water, wastewater, ground water and surface water.

Parameters include:

AluminumChromium VINitrate+NitriteSilicate
CalciumIronOrtho PhosphateTotal Hardness

Our applications conform to regulatory bodies such as ISO, EPA, Standard Methods for Water and Wastewater. 

BluVision Discrete Analyzer
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