Distillation Analyzer

Atmospheric distillation, vacuum distillation and micro-distillation measured by our automated analyzers which correlate with standard methods.

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Highlight of the Product Offering

OptiDist: Atmospheric Distillation

OptiDist is the benchmark in atmospheric distillation testing offering the highest level of precision. Its a state-of-the-art optimal solution for performing atmospheric distillation, featuring easy to use, one button operation, and unparalleled versatility. Its minimal footprint saves valuable lab space, installation is easy, and the OptiDist offers a very low cost of ownership.

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OptiPMD: Micro-Distillation

OptiPMD is the second generation of a state-of-the-art solution for fast and reliable distillation analysis. It is in accordance to ASTM D7345, IP 596 and in perfect correlation with ASTM D86, D1160 (B100), ISO 3405 and IP 123. OptiPMD determines the boiling range characteristics of petroleum products in less than 10 minutes, using only 10 ml of sample and it’s included in at least 10 fuel specifications.

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HDV 632: Vacuum Distillation

The HDV 632 is a fully automated Vacuum Distillation Analyzer, which offers highest flexibility for the user. It can measure samples up to 650C AET. Choose ASTM D1160 or define and save your own custom programs. Naturally, you can add, delete, and revise custom tests as your products and test needs evolve. 

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HDV 632 Vacuum Distillation

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