Process Gas Chromatograph with a Difference: E-VUV by WASSON

Accurate, easy and fast solutions are key for Hydrocarbon Processing Industries (HPI) and Chemical Processing Industries (CPI). To meet this goal, the Wasson-ECE engineering teams combined high-performance convection ovens with electronic pressure and flow controls to overcome the limitations of traditional PGCs.

Bringing laboratory quality analysis online - In a unique way!

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Major Applications

  • PIONA analysis
  • D8071
  • VHA
  • D8267

Salient Features

  • Online MSD, VUV, PDHID, TCD and FID
  • Capacity for up to 8 capillary columns
  • Full electronic pressure programming
  • Two programmable micro-convection ovens
  • Two isothermal ovens
  • Local 19" touchscreen interface
  • MODBUS RTU, TCP and REST automation
  • Wasson-ECE's new chromatography data system
  • Sample systems with multiplexing for up to 16 sample streams
  • Rated Class I, Division 2 and ATEX Zone 2 for hazardous location


  • Leading the revolution in process gas chromatography and fully customizable to meet the needs of the most challenging processes.
  • Data density – data generated by a single analyzer processing multiple sample streams is one of PGC biggest asset.
  • Combining capillary chromatography with the VGA-100 detector, analysis with the Eclipse E-VUV is free from the challenges that competing technologies face due to multiple traps and columns and excessive run lengths.
  • Speciated hydrocarbons out to C20. Custom configurations also allow for a wide variety of additional uses such as speciation of oxygenates.
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