Field-Portable High-Sensitivity Mercury Analyzer: EMP Gold+

The EMP series was developed in response to our customer’s needs for a simpler method to measure gas-borne mercury at sites. Since the main body weighs less than 2 kg, the light-weight and compact body can be safely carried to and handled in high places as carry case.
On-site measurement realized by it integrating the detector and mercury trap into the case.
EMP Gold+
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Major Applications

  • Air in general environment
  • Ground surface gas
  • Natural gas / Liquefied petroleum gas
  • Low-concentration solutions


The EMP Gold+ is a portable mercury analyzer using the gold amalgam concentration atomic absorption spectrometry.

By attaching the Gold+ unit to the EMP-3, it is possible to make the sensitivity 1,000 times as high and measure air in the general environment.

Various options enable measurement of mercury in natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, and low concentration solutions.


N Packer

When you connect a Gold+ unit gas meter (optional), natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas can be available for measurement.


Aqua Kit

Also, by connecting the AQUA kit (reduced vaporized mercury measurement option), it is possible to measure extremely low concentrations of mercury in a solution.

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Aqua Kit

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