Fuel Analyzers

Regulations limiting the concentration of benzene and the total aromatic content of finished gasoline have been established in order to reduce the ozone reactivity and toxicity of automotive evaporative and exhaust emissions. Test methods to determine benzene and the aromatic content of gasoline are necessary to assess product quality and to meet new fuel regulations.

Ethers, alcohols, and other oxygenates are added to gasoline to increase octane number and to reduce emissions. Type and concentration of various oxygenates are specified and regulated to ensure acceptable commercial gasoline quality. Drivability, vapor pressure, phase separation, exhaust, and evaporative emissions are some of the concerns associated with oxygenated fuels.

Gulf Bio Analytical’s pre-configured refinery fuel analyzers for analysis gasolines and spark ignition fuels are designed and configured to deliver reliable and superior results for a wide range of sources and analysis requirement.

Agilent GC System
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GBA Analyzer Solutions

  • Various modes of operation dedicated to specific sample types   
  • Fully automated and easy to operate     
  • Operational parameters are factory tuned, fully documented and preset      
  • Independent or channel operation     
  • ASTM D5580 uses the same hardware as ASTM D4815 and will be combined in the same Analyzer by provided additional tuning   
  • Optional additional D3606 channel
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Method Compliance

  • ASTM
  • D4815
  • D5580
  • D3606

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