Hydrogen Fuel Quality Control Analysis!

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Hydrogen quality is vital for the performance and lifetime of hydrogen fuel cells. There are many critical contaminants causing potential issues, including performance reduction, degradation of the proton exchange membrane, or damage to the catalyst.

Hydrogen Fuel Quality Control Analysis!
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Compliance Quality standards for Hydrogen:

  • ISO 14687 Hydrogen Fuel Quality
  • EN 17124 Hydrogen Fuel Quality

Hydrogen Powered Fuel Cell EVs

  • Hydrogen-Powered Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEVs) are considered one of the most promising eco-friendly alternatives to conventional automobiles.  
  • Zero emissions—only  H2O is produced as exhaust
  • High efficiency (more than 50% better than combustion engines)
  • Range similar to conventional vehicles (>400 miles)

What needs to be analyzed?

ArgonCarbon dioxide
FormaldehydeFormic acid
AmmoniaTotal halogenated compounds
Total hydrocarbons compounds as methane basis

Contaminant & Allowable Limit

Allowable Limit
Helium (He)
300 ppm
300 ppm
Argon (Ar)
300 ppm
Methane (CH4)
100 ppm
Water (H2O)
5 ppm
5 ppm
Total Hydrocarbons (ex  CH4)    
2 ppm
Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
2 ppm
Carbon Monoxide (CO)
0.2 ppm
0.2 ppm
Formic Acid (CH2O2)
0.2 ppm
Ammonia (NH3)
0.1 ppm
Total Sulfur
0.004 ppm

GBA Solution’s Features

  • Turnkey Solutions with full hardware and software reporting
  • Wide range of analysis on hydrogen
  • GC-MS-FID-TCD with TD.

GBA Custom Template Calculation

Custom OpenLAB reporting software automates calculation and reporting of complete analysis.

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