Karl Fischer Titration

Metrohm and Karl Fischer titration: a long history of success

Looking back on half a century of experience in Karl Fischer titration, Metrohm has shaped what coulometric and volumetric water analysis are today.

Discover how our products can help you solve your analytical challenges:

  • volumetric Karl Fischer instruments for high water contents
  • coulometers for low water contents
  • sample preparation with the Karl Fischer oven method
  • automation options, and more.
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List of Karl Fischer Titrators

OMNIS – Karl Fischer titration easier and safer than ever

Metrohm has reinvented volumetric Karl Fischer titration: Discover OMNIS.

OMNIS is Metrohm’s new, fully integrated solution for water content determination with volumetric Karl Fischer titration. Determining water in samples has never been more convenient, safer, and easier.

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OMNIS – Karl Fischer titration

KF Titrando

No matter whether your samples contain just trace concentrations of water or whether they are mostly water, the Titrando family of Karl Fischer titrators has got you covered.

These coulometric and volumetric titrators can be customized to your requirements and offer a wealth of options to make your work easier and safer: optional software control, sample preparation and automation solutions, and many more.

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KF Titrando

KF Ti-Touch: compact KF titrator for water determination

KF Ti-Touch titrators offer routine water determination on a small space.

Designed as easy-to-use and compact systems, they are equipped with a variety of features to make your work more comfortable: color touch screen, shortcuts for favorite methods, KF icons indicating the instrument status, and many more.

The KF Ti-Touch is available as a volumetric system for determining water contents above 0.1% and as a coulometric system for low water contents down to 0.001%.

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KF Ti-Touch

870 KF Titrino plus and 899 Coulometer: entry-level titrators for water analysis

Metrohm offers a family of entry-level volumetric and coulometric titrators for the determination of moisture (water) in samples: the 870 KF Titrino plus and the 899 Coulometer.

These titrators are small in size, accurate, and robust. You can choose the suitable titrator depending on whether your samples contain high or low amounts of water.

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870 KF Titrino plus and 899 Coulometer

KF Titrino Coulometer

The 831 Coulometer has gained a reputation for dependability and accuracy.

This inexpensive, time-tested coulometric titrator allows you to analyze samples with low water contents (0.001 to 1%) in an easy and convenient manner.

Key features

  • Practical and safe: automatic reagent exchange with Dosino
  • Versatile: stand-alone or software-controlled
  • Adaptable: automated sample preparation possible
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KF Titrino Coulometer

875 KF Gas Analyzer

The 875 KF Gas Analyzer from Metrohm is a fully automated solution to determine trace levels of water in liquefied and permanent gases.

Applying coulometric Karl Fischer titration, this instrument allows quick (< 5 minutes) and accurate analyses. The KF Gas Analyzer is suitable for a variety of gas types.

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875 KF Gas Analyzer

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