Ultrapure Water for HPLC Analysis

No ghost peaks – for optimal results 

Water used for the mobile phase of HPLC must be absolutely free of impurities in order to avoid interactions with the stationary phase. Learn how to optimize your application and minimize the risk of ghost or phantom peaks.

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Highlight of the Product Offering

arium mini Lab Water Systems

With arium mini Sartorius presents a compact ultrapure water system which is specially designed for requirements of less than 10 liters per day.

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PURELAB Water Purification Systems

We know how important it is to ensure your water purity in the laboratory. You need to be focusing on accurate and reliable results, so leave your most important reagent to ELGA: the Lab Water Specialists.

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CENTRA Modular Water Purification & Distribution System

CENTRA is a modular purification and distribution system designed to supply Type I to Type III water to laboratory suites. 

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MEDICA Clinical Water Purification Systems

MEDICA: Reliable & Efficient Clinical Water Purification Systems

When you need to ensure that your clinical laboratories run to their full potential with no downtime, we know that you need ultrapure water 24/7.

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