Balances and Scales for the Laboratory

Laboratory balances are defined by high levels of accuracy and precision in analytical testing and quantitative analysis. Used in a variety of applications, they are divided into five subcategories according to their readability:

  • Precision balances (>= 0.001 g)
  • Analytical balances (0.0001 g)
  • Semi-micro balances (0.00001 g)
  • Micro balances (0.000001 g)
  • Ultra-micro balances (0.0000001 g)
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Highlight of the Product Offering

Cubis II Premium Laboratory Balance

The New Generation of Modular Analytical, Precision and Microbalances

For scientists in R&D and analytical laboratories needing the most reliable lab weighing results, the Cubis II from Sartorius is a completely configurable, high performance portfolio of balance hardware and software that will align with your unique demands and compliance requirements to maximize operational efficiency and experimental outcomes.

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Standard Lab Balances

Secura and Quintix standard balances enable you to quickly transfer, evaluate, process and save weighing results using Plug & Play technology – without the need for any extra software.

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Entry-Level Lab Balances

The best value for your money – without compromising on accuracy. Our Entry-Level Lab Balances are designed to bring effective and reliable weighing to your applications, right from the start. 

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