Extensive portfolio of LC/MS instruments

Agilent’s portfolio of LC/MS instruments takes the versatility of HPLC separation to another level with the sensitivity and specificity of mass spectrometry. 

Add easy-to-use mass selective detection to your HPLC analyses with single quadrupole (SQ) LC/MSD. Achieve quantitative precision with triple quadrupole (TQ) systems that break sensitivity and size barriers. Go untargeted and see more while identifying unknowns using time-of-flight (TOF/Q-TOF) technology that delivers simultaneous accuracy, speed, and isotopic fidelity. The reliable family of Agilent LC/MS instruments provides a range of capability and performance to solve any LC/MS analysis challenge.

Highlight of the Product Offering


The Agilent InfinityLab Liquid Chromatography/Mass Selective Detector iQ (LC/MSD iQ) system provides essential mass detection to quickly confirm compounds and provide more specificity and selectivity than a UV detector - even for those compounds which are chromatographically unresolved. Whether in the pharmaceutical, academic, chemical or food industries, this single quadrupole mass spectrometer adds credibility, not complexity to your analyses. 

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The Agilent InfinityLab Liquid Chromatography/Mass Selective Detector (LC/MSD) system uses the power of mass selective detection to enhance analytical confidence. Designed for the chromatographer who wants to work more efficiently, the LC/MSD is the best solution for routine mass selective detection. From basic pharmaceutical analysis to synthetic chemistry to routine food testing applications, this single quadrupole LC/MS system provides the next level of flexibility and more insight.

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The Agilent InfinityLab Liquid Chromatography/Mass Selective Detector XT (LC/MSD XT) system brings ultimate analytical power to your large molecule chromatography by adding mass analysis. Complex challenges such as biomolecule analysis and high-throughput screening are easily addressed with the LC/MSD XT.

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