Aivia AI Image Analysis Software

Designed to improve accuracy, streamline workflows, and enhance data exploration.

Subjectivity of analysis and poor reproducibility are key hurdles to be overcome for biological image analysis. Standard segmentation can lead to sub-standard results and require substantial manual curation which is subject to human error.

Leica STELLARIS and AI microscopy
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Elevate your research with spatial insights

With Aivia 13, researchers can unveil spatial insights in tissues, allowing a deeper understanding of the microenvironment surrounding their phenotypes.

  • Open, view and interact with large, multiplexed 2D images with more than 1 million objects
  • Accurately segment cells with different morphologies in large, multiplex 2D images with AI
  • Discover the cell phenotypes in your image using AI powered phenotyping or data driven unsupervised automatic phenotyping
  • Explore data with multiple interactive charts and spatial relationship
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Advanced data analysis accessible for all

When working in a core imaging facility or as an academic investigator in cell biology or neurosciences, increasing the adoption of new technologies to achieve high-quality results is critical for the success of your institution, and for your publishing output.

Incumbent image analysis solutions can be unreliable and ignore the users' domain expertise, leading to challenges such as:

  • Program delays due to laborious segmentation tasks which are repetitive, difficult to master for non-experts in image processing, error-prone and time-consuming.
  • The need to train laboratory personnel on image processing methods for a multitude of applications - which can become difficult as projects scale and research diversifies.
  • As imagery data sets get larger, hardware demands increase and can quickly become overwhelming - and having to be on-site to access data is a barrier for remote workers, hybrid work teams and distant collaborators.
  • AI-powered solutions often require specialist expertise - which necessitates the training of staff on a new discipline unfamiliar to them.
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AI access for all

Aivia makes advanced data analysis accessible for all biologists - with no computer science expertise required.

The Aivia platform has been designed with the end-user in mind. This means with Aivia you can quickly and reliably generate high-quality results. The Aivia platform includes all state-of-the-art applications you will need in a unified user experience.

Quickly train laboratory users on the platform, to conduct their analysis without any specialist expertise.

  • Speed up your imaging projects and publish faster
  • Benefit from next-generation, easy to use machine learning segmentation and classification tools
  • Conduct parameter-free image segmentation
  • Easily train, update and apply deep learning models using local resources or the AiviaCloud platform
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Radically simplified segmentation

Aivia's AI-powered analysis capabilities leverage a biologist's expertise to generate robust and reproducible segmentation results.

This means with Aivia you can quickly and reliable generate high-quality results, helping to speed up your route to publication and uncover hidden details in your data.

Overcome delays caused by error-prone and tedious segmentation tasks - freeing up your team from time-consuming lab work allowing them to focus instead on innovation and discovery.

  • Directly share image analysis pipelines
  • Benefit from optimized image processing pipelines designed and tested over 250,000 times by experts
  • 2D- and 3D- cell detection and tracking are available, as well as a set of predictive tools for 3D neuron reconstruction

Total freedom on a single platform

Aivia's powerful and fast 2-5D visualization and analysis unlocks all the value of your data - within a single platform.

No longer does your team have to learn to operate and adopt multiple imaging and analyses systems into their workflow - the Aivia platform unifies all state-of-the-art applications you will need in a unified user experience. Aivia can leverage both local and cloud computing resources. You can install and use Aivia both on your local computer as well as via a web browser, AiviaWeb. Aivia works seamlessly with all microscopy imaging systems.

Your team can also access all files created by your imaging systems anywhere - all you need is an internet connection.

  • Powerful and fast 2-5D visualization and analysis - accessible anywhere
  • Includes 22 applications and 20 pre-trained deep learning models (image segmentation, restoration and virtual staining)
  • Reliable and easy to use cloud access with flexible IT architectures supported
  • Over 45 microscopy file formats supported
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