Liquified Petroleum Gas Analyzers

Analysing Liquified Petroleum  Gas (LPG) composition precisely and accurately is a significant challenge in today’s refinery operations. Determining composition and performing analysis of hydrocarbon content from C1-C6 in LPG samples.

The composition and source of refinery gases varies considerably. Typical sources for refinery gases include atmospheric or FCC overheads, ethylene, propylene production, fuel gas, stack gas and off gas from desulfurization. The physical stream types range from gas to highly pressurized gases or liquefied gases.

Choose from standard configurations as well as custom analyzers designed to meet your specific quality assurance requirements. Gulf Bio Analytical’s pre-configured refinery LPG analyzers for complex analysis of refinery gases are designed and configured to deliver reliable and superior results for a wide range of sources and analysis requirement.

Agilent 8890 GC
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GBA Analyzer Solutions

  • Various modes of operation dedicated to specific sample types
  • Fully automated and easy to operate
  • Operational parameters are factory tuned, fully documented and preset
  • Independent or simultaneous channel operation
  • 5 minutes analysis

Method Compliance

  • ASTM D2163
  • EN27491
  • UOP373
  • UOP603

LPG Analyzer with 8890 GC

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LPG Analyzer with 8860 GC

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