Automated analysis of Eto and 2-chloroethanol using MSE GC/MS

Fully automated cryogen-free analysis of ethylene oxide and 2-chloroethanol using headspace–trap with multi-step enrichment GC/MS

Monitoring ethylene oxide in foods has become vital due to its high levels and concerns as carcinogen. Now, thousands of food items with a long shelf-life, such as cereals, chocolate, biscuits, bread, crackers, spices and bagels, are under investigation.

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Smart Advanced Features

Ethylene oxide (EtO) is a fumigant that is commonly used to rid food of insects in many parts of the world; however, it is banned in Europe, making the analysis of EtO a requirement when exporting food to or within Europe.

    • Markes’ Centri automated sample extraction and enrichment platform offers an easy way to prepare and preconcentrate food samples for analysis of EtO.
    • Quantitatively determine the contaminants at the required 0.05 mg/kg (50 ppb) reporting threshold or MRL.
    • Excellent chromatographic performance with the linearities of ethylene oxide and 2-chloroethanol at R2 = 0.9983 and R2 = 0.9995, respectively within single GCMS run.
    • World-leading cryogen-free trapping technology and multi-step enrichment–headspace–trap (MSE®–HS–trap) on Centri enable trace-level detection of EtO and 2-CE.
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