VOCs Analysis using HS -Trap Technology

Static headspace is very widely used for analysis of VOCs in many different matrices. It’s known for its clean sample that goes to GC and that way demanding sample prep procedures are avoided. Though there are advantages with static headspace, this technique suffers with the sensitivity.

Innovation lies at the heart of Centri. Incorporating Markes’ advanced cryogen-free focusing trap technology, Centri optimises analytical sensitivity, and enhances the quality of information obtained from GC–MS.

Markes Centri
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A complete sample prep solution from Markes for environmental samples comes with many possibilities mounted at the same time on the system.

  • Static Headspace and Headspace - Trap
  • SPME and SPME-Trap
  • High-capacity Sportive extraction – HiSorb
  • Thermal Desorption

Using the headspace trap technology one can achieve nanogram level sensitivities in that way challenging analyses.

Workflow that Centri undertake to carry out VOCs analysis using HS-Trap technique is as:

HS-Trap technique


  • Manual or automatic tool change on Centri is possible
  • Centri uses the cryogen free low temperature trapping system that achieves much better trapping of organic compounds eliminating at the same time the need for coolants
  • Very large volume of sample vapors can be managed well on the trap.
  • Selective elimination of water and other volatile interferences that would otherwise quench or mask detector response is possible
  • Pre-concentration of multiple headspace extracts from the same sample vial if required to further extend analytical sensitivity is possible.

Applications Areas

Environmental AnalysisForensicsFood

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