More than just an instrument

The Eco Coulometer is a new coulometric Karl Fischer titrator for the determination of low water contents in your samples. It is a robust, dependable, and affordable solution for the determination of low moisture.

Pair up your Eco Coulometer with a Karl Fischer oven and extract the water from your samples easily to get accurate results.

With Metrohm Eco Coulometer, you get an inexpensive coulometric Karl Fischer titrator that comes with best-in-class service and support

Metrohm Eco Coulometer
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Coulometric Karl Fischer titration is the gold standard method for trace-level water concentration determination

  • It is a direct method and specific for water (low risk of matrix interferences)
  • It is highly sensitive (detection limits in the low µL range)
  • It is fast (generally, less than 3 minutes per sample)
  • Swiss-made instrument with exceptional ease of use at an affordable price
  • Reporting features for easy GLP compliance
  • Unparalleled service and support from the extensive global Metrohm network
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