Portable pH meters, conductivity meters, and oxygen meters

This family of pH, conductivity, and oxygen meters are your ideal companion for routine use.

You can use the instrument as a portable meter or as a benchtop instrument in the laboratory.

Thanks to a large color display, a rugged design, and smart technology, these meters will make pH value and conductivity measurement as easy as never before

Metrohm Meters
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High-End modules for Customized pH, Ion, and Conductivity Measurement

Metrohm Meters

By choosing pH, ion, oxygen, and conductivity meters from Metrohm, you choose not only rugged and highly precise instruments and first-rate sensors, but also years of application knowledge and reliable expert support.

With the 856 Conductivity Module and 867 pH Module, you can build your own, customized solution – whether you are analyzing large sample loads or multiple parameters, or you want to enjoy full freedom when it comes to method programming and applications.

Key Features

  • Add-on for Titrando/tiamo systems, Titrando/OMNIS systems and stand-alone instrument in one
  • Full freedom of method development with tiamo software and OMNIS software
  • Connections for various accessories including automation
  • FDA-compliant with tiamo full, OMNIS software, or 900 Touch Control
  • Compatible with intelligent electrodes

The Latest Technology

The 867 pH Module measures more than just the pH value: you can also determine the oxidation-reduction potential (ORP), Ipol, Upol, ion concentrations by direct measurement or by automatic standard additions, and the temperature.

The 856 Conductivity Module contains a five-ring conductivity cell. You benefit from a wider linearity range, without additional platinization. If you are using both modules, you can measure pH and conductivity simultaneously in a single beaker.

Metrohm Meters

In addition to measuring conductivity, the Conductivity Module enables temperature measurement and calculations of TDS and salinity.

Compliant with FDA and GLP

Tiamo full, the OMNIS software, and 900 Touch Control are compliant with the FDA’s 21 CFR Part 11 regulation and GLP; data reports from your pH or Conductivity Module thus fulfill the requirements of any application.

The automatic, GLP-compliant electrode test as well as calibration with many buffers and automatic buffer recognition ensure that you can always rely on your results.

912/913/914 pH/DO/Conductometer Systems

  • Read the results with ease thanks to the large color display with backlight.
  • Have two measurement results displayed simultaneously.
  • Don't worry about the sensor thanks to the integrated sensor quality check.
  • Apply time-controlled and drift-controlled measurements.
  • Robust instruments: for mobile and laboratory use
  • These meters are ideal for use in the field…
  • Ergonomic design for single-hand use
  • Dust- and waterproof (IP67-rated)
  • Perform measurements for hours thanks to the powerful built-in lithium polymer battery.
  • Recharge the battery using any 5 V USB power adapter or a 12 V socket in a car.
Metrohm Meters

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