Quality Control of Polymer Process in a Fast and Cost-efficient Way

Are you concerned about the time and cost to analyse key quality parameters in your polymer samples? Switch to the NIR Spectroscopy method and measure your parameters in a minute.

Near-infrared spectrometers as complementary technique for analyzing a wide variety of samples in the lab and the process, from liquids, solids, and pastes to slurries, tablets, and capsules.

Metrohm NIR
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The Metrohm Near-Infrared Spectroscopy system

Write us to know how NIRS is applied to determine the following key quality parameters in Polymers Like:


  • Offers a non-destructive method of measurement.
  • Is rapid, with results in less than a minute.
  • Analyze multiple parameters simultaneously in a single run.
  • Helps save on costs, as it needs no sample preparation/ chemicals or solvents.
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