The application of microwave technology for ashing procedures has resulted in a significant improvement in internal quality control and in some cases sample preparation procedures.

While many laboratories still use a traditional muffle furnace or electrical furnaces to ash samples for process control purposes, these techniques can be time-consuming – often taking hours per run. This can result in high energy usage and ultimately, high operating costs. In addition, use of traditional furnaces have a tendency to diffuse heat and odors, which can lead to an uncomfortable working environment. To avoid subsequent high-energy usage, high-operating costs and increase total cost-effectiveness of a lab, we present microwave ashing and suphate ashing system PYRO featuring advanced muffle furnace.

Microwave Ashing
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  • Fast heating : 8 minutes only from room temperature to 1.000°C!
  • High sample throughput: up to 24 samples simultaneously!
  • Three interchangeable configurations up to 24 samples simultaneously!

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