Total Sample Prep Workflow to Optimize Elemental Analysis

Milestone Total Workflow approach redefines sample preparation by addressing not only the digestion phase but also every critical aspect influencing lab throughput, data quality, costs, and safety. We understand the intricate interplay between various parameters and offer practical solutions to enhance your laboratory's performance comprehensively.

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Key highlights of our Total Workflow concept include:

  1. Optimized Processes: We provide practical advice and tools to streamline routine tasks, such as reagents handling, cleaning approaches, and the supply of ultrapure acids, ensuring optimal conditions for elemental analysis.
  2. Enhanced Data Quality: By considering the entire sample preparation workflow, we empower you to achieve superior data quality, enabling more accurate and reliable results.
  3. Improved Efficiency: Our approach focuses on increasing lab throughput and flexibility, allowing you to accomplish more in less time while maintaining the highest standards of quality and safety.
  4. Cost-Effective Solutions: We recognize the importance of cost management in laboratory operations. Our Total Workflow concept offers strategies to reduce expenses without compromising on performance or safety.
  5. Mitigation of Workflow Disruptions: We provide insights and solutions to prevent common disruptions, such as incomplete digestions or sample contamination, safeguarding your lab's outcomes and reputation.

Sample Preparation Approach to optimize elemental analysis

In-house Acid Purification

High-purity acid expenses for elemental analysis labs can consume a significant portion of their operational budgets. In addition, accidental contamination and supply chain challenges for obtaining high-purity acids can put a lab’s operations at risk. Learn the principles of sub-boiling distillation and how bringing acid purification in-house can result in considerable cost savings and ensure an uninterrupted analysis workflow.

Automated Reagent Dosing

The reagent addition, or “dosing,” step of the sample preparation process has traditionally been a tedious and laborious task within elemental analysis labs, especially when it involves concentrated acids. easyFILL demonstrates how automating the reagent dosing process provides greater consistency, while removing the operator from exposure to harmful acid fumes and freeing them to perform safer and more value-added tasks.

Vessel Handling

Handling a large number of digestion vessels impacts lab workflow and operator time. By improving this step, your lab can achieve a fast and reliable digestion process with lower operator time. The easyCAP, suitable for MAXI-44 or MAXI-24 High Performance (HP) rotors, offers greater productivity and performance for high-volume laboratories. The easyCAP, with its minimum footprint and light weight, can be easily installed under any fume hood, and be ready for use in a few seconds.

Single Reaction Chamber Microwave Digestion

The introduction of Single Reaction Chamber (SRC) microwave digestion technology provided a step-change in sample prep performance and capabilities for elemental analysis. In the context of workflow, SRC’s benefits include higher overall sample throughput, faster digestions for difficult samples, and reduced labor requirements. The third generation of benchtop SRC-based instruments has been recently released, providing further benefits to the sample prep workflow for elemental analysis.

Rotor-based Microwave Digestion

While still considered the “workhorse” of many elemental analysis laboratories, rotor- based digestion vessels can be cumbersome to handle, and the systems can also be the weak link in a laboratory’s sample prep workflow if something goes wrong. Discover how various aspects of rotor-based digestion vessels, systems, and accessories can work to optimize a workflow, as well as avoid disruptions such as the need to rerun samples.


The Simultaneous Filtration System (SFS-24) improves the lab’s productivity and reduces the fume hood space requirement. The SFS-24 uses inexpensive funnels, that are compatible with all commonly used solvents and mineral acids. This setup is combined with a vacuum pump and pressure manometer to accelerate and control the process, leading to an easier and faster filtration process.

Automated Labware Cleaning

Using acid baths and microwave systems for cleaning sample prep vessels and other types of labware can have a substantial impact on an elemental analysis lab’s throughput, workflow, and efficiency. By automating this step using acid-steam cleaning, you can keep your microwave system focused on digesting samples and removes the tedium and hazards of hand-cleaning labware from your staff.

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