Programmable Oven for Molsieve Column Conditioning in Pro RGA

Refinery gas analyzer is dedicated for the analysis of Hydrogen, Permanent Gases and Light Hydrocarbons composition in Refinery Gas, Process Gas and similar gas streams. GBA PRO RGA is now available with a Programmable Molsieve column oven that can be supplied with the analyzer as an option. The Separate Programmable Oven for Molsieve column offers a simple automated solution for conditioning the Molsieve column. Conditioning of the column ensures a good separation for Oxygen, Nitrogen, Methane and Carbon monoxide. It helps users to have a smooth and hassle-free experience using the RGA for their day-to-day samples all along ensuring high degree of efficiency and efficacy.

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Conditioning the Molsieve Column in A RGA - No More a Chore !

Application:Refinery Gas Analysis
Measuring Objects:Gas Sample
Standard Methods:ASTM D1945, ASTM D1946, ASTM D7833, UOP539

Molsieve Column Conditioning

In RGA Analyzer, Molsieve column separates Oxygen, Nitrogen, Methane and Carbon monoxide. During periodic usage, the separation on the column may deteriorate (mainly caused by moisture present in the sample).

The separation between Oxygen and Nitrogen usually deteriorates, and the Carbon monoxide peak coelutes with Methane. The separation performance can be restored by conditioning the column for several hours at 350°C. However, the column compartment where all micro-packed columns are housed cannot reach that temperature and the 350 °C will affect the performance of the other columns in the oven.

Therefore, the Molsieve column should be removed from the system and placed in an external oven for conditioning. This means that additional equipment is needed to condition the column (e.g., 7890 GC) and that the analyzer cannot be used for a significant period. Keeping this inconvenience for the end users in mind, GBA has developed a separate programmable oven for Molsieve column that allows to condition the Molsieve column without having to remove it from the analyzer.


  • Programmable Heater configuration.
  • Temperature programming controlled through GC software.
  • Temperature Deviation ± 0.1° C (Spec > 0.5° C).
  • Heating & Cooling timing same as LVO timing.
  • All tubing used in the system is Sulfinert to prevent adsorption of active components.
  • Excellent Repeatability & Reproducibility.
  • Specification RSD < 2%.
  • Option for a new system.
  • Upgradable option available for existing system on site.
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Separate Programmable Oven for Molsieve Column Conditioning in PRO RGA

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