New Agilent HydroInert source for GC/MS hydrogen carrier gas

Helium being a finite resource with an inefficient production makes it very expensive. The high price and reoccurring shortages have increased demand for applications using hydrogen as the carrier gas. Hydrogen is a low cost and renewable gas that is suitable for several GC/MS applications and is the best alternative to helium.

The Agilent new HydroInert source is designed to improve chromatographic efficiencies with Hydrogen Carrier gas like faster, shorter separations and helps avoid loss of sensitivity, spectral anomalies and offers superior high-boiler peak shape.

New Agilent HydroInert source for GC/MS hydrogen carrier gas
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How it Works

HydroInert source designed for Hydrogen carrier gas applications. The HydroInert source prevents disruptions due to He shortages without compromising spectral fidelity, and it avoids undesirable in-source chemistry associated with H2 carrier gas. The source minimizes loss in sensitivity and offers superior high-boiler peak shape, especially for PAHs. An example is the analysis of nitrobenzene that is known to have problems with hydrogenation.

Mass spectra for the peak eluting at nitrobenzene retention time using hydrogen carrier gas

Smart Advanced Features

  • Allows for the use of Hydrogen Carrier Gas with better supply and reduced cost
  • Faster, shorter Separations
  • Reduces loss of sensitivity and spectral anomalie
  • Reduced source cleanings and maintenance
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